Hello reader, this is my blog about books!

So I came up with this idea, because I started watching BookTube on YouTube since the beginning of the summer. It was a whole new world for me and I’m glad that I found it. I wanted to do something like that, but starting a YouTube channel about books didn’t seem to be the smartest option. So that is how I got the idea to start a blog about reading books, I haven’t read any blogs yet, so I’m just giving my own twist to it. I already had the idea of starting a blog in mind, but I just didn’t know in what community I wanted to start, and when I came across the Book video’s on YouTube, I knew that this would be the community I would love to join.

I started this blog so that I can share my reading experiences and opinions with other people. It would also be great to get some friends who love reading as much as I do, and with whom I can discuss certain books or just fangirl over the great amount of male characters. I will eventually make a BookTube channel on YouTube, but I will continue my blog then as well.

Now some information about myself! My name is Debbie and I’m 21 years old. I live in the Netherlands with my family, I was born and raised here. I’m in my last year of college and I hope to complete my study this school year, since I already had to redo 1 year. And then I will be a nurse and I can’t wait to start working and earning money.

Alongside books, I really enjoy music. I need music in my life, I wake up with it and I listen to it on the public transport. I, furthermore, watch anime and read manga as well.

Over the years, since I started college, I haven’t read as much books as I wanted to. I sort of forbid myself to read, because I was afraid that when I would start in a book and I would really love it, that I would continue to read until I’m done with the book, while there might be still much more that I have to do for school. But I did kept on buying books, so I have in my opinion a pretty big TBR pile.

What will be the content of my blog?

I will be uploading a blog every weekend, and the topic will be related to books, and every Wednesday. This would either be a monthly Wrap Up or TBR, for the rest of the weeks I will be uploading a discussion topic, also related to books and I will be giving my opinion about it. The Wednesdays will be related to a Goodreads group that involves a top 5 every Wednesday, the topics are given to us for over a month and every topic is related to books.

Furthermore, I really would love this blog to be interactive with the people who read it, so don’t be afraid to comment, I would love to hear you opinion on the discussion parts and what you have read or will be reading for the month. So let start with that! I would like it if you could introduce yourself in the comment section.

I would love you hear from you and get to know you 🙂

– Debbie –


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