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Books You Will Never Read

Hello readers!

So this is my first participation in the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads group. Basically every Wednesday we will list off 5 books or characters or book related stuff that represents the description that is given for the week, all the topics will be up for a whole month. Here is the link to the Goodreads group:

Here is the description for this week’s top 5 Wednesday: “Whether it’s from a series that you have outgrown or don’t wish to continue, or they are popular books that just don’t interest you, let us know what you don’t plan on reading.

So I just would like to start with saying that, this is my personal opinion. Please don’t be mad if I dislike a book, or a book I’m not interested in. I’m glad for you if you can enjoy these books, I wish I could.

These books are in no particular order, these are just the ones that popped up into my mind first.


HaloHalo by Alexandra Adornetto

Pages: 485

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

Publication year: 2010

I bought this book together with a friend, we both loved the cover and we both thought that the synopsis was really interesting. My friend read it first and she said that she loved it, so I immediately started reading when I got home.

I really loved the first half of the book, I really did. I just didn’t agree with the second half of the book. A love triangle was suddenly thrown in there and in my opinion didn’t make the story better, it even made it worse. I also didn’t like the way the main character acted overall.

It has been a while since I read this book, so I don’t remember much more then that about this book, just that I disliked the second half of the book. And at the ending, I didn’t care anymore what would happen in the next book, and I still don’t regret not continuing with this series.

Vampire KissesVampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber

Pages: 175

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

Publication year: 2003

I talked about this book in my August Wrap Up. I read this book because my sister really loved it and wanted me to read to, and I had promised that I would finish it. I did, but I had to push myself.

I think one of the reasons why I didn’t like this book is because I wasn’t the right age when I read this book. I personally think this book would do great with girls who are in their younger teenage year and not in the beginning of the twenties.

So this book just wasn’t it for me, and because of that, I will not continue this series. When I went to rate the book on Goodreads I found out that this book was the first in a series with nine books in total.

AlchemystThe Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Famel) by Michael Scott

Pages: 369

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure

Publication year: 2007

I really loved the Harry Potter books when I read them and I still love them when I re-read them all over again. So when I found this book in the bookstore, I really wanted to have it and it continue to live in the Harry Potter world.

I bought the first two books in Dutch, but I could never get through the first book. I took it with me on an eight hour bus trip to Praha, I just couldn’t get through it, how hard I tried to like it, I just couldn’t. I still have these two books lying in a box next to my bed, ready to be given away, but I just can’t do it. I had to borrow a book from my friend, with whom I went on a vacation to Praha, so that I would have something to read. I really wished I could love this book, but I just couldn’t and I also don’t feel guilt for not liking the series, sorry.


The Rosie ProjectThe Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Pages: 295

Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Humor.

Publication year: 2013

This book is following me everywhere, almost every book shop I enter, this book is looking at me for it to buy. But I would, because I’m just not interested in it. I had it in my hands, I have read the synopsis and it just doesn’t spark my interest. Even though it has an overall 4 stars rating on Goodreads, even though it is in the top 100 English Books list on the site where I buy my books. I’m not interested in it.

So I’m not going to read it.

LegendLegend by Marie Lu

Pages: 305

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia, Romance

Publication year: 2011

With this book it is just the same as with the Rosie Project. It follows me everywhere, but I’m not interested in reading it. There is nothing more I can say about it than this. I don’t remember reading the synopsis, I probably didn’t.


This was my first Top 5 list, i hoped you enjoyed it. And if you liked a book (a lot), please don’t be offended. There might be books that I love and you don’t like. So please let me know in the comments a book that you won’t be finishing or not consider reading.

– Debbie –

5 thoughts on “Books You Will Never Read

  1. Vampire Kisses! Oooh, I love those when I was fifteen. But I couldn’t find the last book in my hometown, and by the time I found it, I was nineteen and the book doesn’t interest me anymore.
    Great list by the way~ 😀

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  2. I actually really liked reading both The Rosie Project and Legend. I read The Rosie Project a while back when it came out and I thought it was quite funny and interesting. Legend I read last month and though the world it was set in isn’t very original, I really liked that you had two viewpoints from two entirely different people.

    Liked by 1 person

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