Top 5 Wednesday

Characters You’d Want As Family

Hello readers!

It is Wednesday today and that means another Top 5 Wednesday. This is my second top 5 Wednesday and so far I’m having a lot of fun making these lists. I just sit in front of my bookshelf and look at all my books to come up with an answer.

So Top 5 Wednesday is weekly hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes, it is a Goodreads group and every Wednesday there will be a topic to which you will list your top 5. And this Wednesday topic is characters you’d want as family. These five are in no particular order. So let’s get started!

percy-jackson-1So first I picked Sally Jackson from the Percy Jackson series to be my mother. Sally is a very loving and caring mother, she does everything for her child but she still has a funny and competitive side, like showing Gabe that there is blue food by making all their food blue.

It has been a while since I read the Percy Jackson series, I read it in Dutch and I’m planning to re-read the series very soon, I might have already started a few chapters…

So yeah, I’d want Sally Jackson to be my loving and caring but still strong mother.


twilight I’d want Charlie Swan to be my awkward but awesome father. I have read the Twilight series and I have all the movies on DVD and the one character that made me laugh so many times is Charlie Swan, Bella’s father.

He is not perfect as a parent, but I don’t want my parents to be perfect. Charlie really cares for Bella and he is trying to protect her and give her a good life in Forks, at least that is the impression I’m getting. He just doesn’t know how to do it correctly or show his love.

So Charlie Swan is going to be my awkward but awesome father, who threatens my boyfriend with his gun (I don’t remember if it was in the books of the movies, sorry, it has been a while.)


Pride and Prejudice1So I’m going to combine my numbers three and four, because they are in the same book.

So first I want Elizabeth Bennet to be my smart and book-loving sister. Elizabeth Bennet is a very strong character, she dares to speak her mind and she stands up for the people she loves. So she can stand up for me, because I’m not good in that… But not only that, we also share a love for books, she will be my reading buddy for books and we will talk hours and hours on about books and maybe boys.

Then I want Mr. Darcy to be my loving and protective older brother.  The way Mr. Darcy cared for his sister only made me love his character more. I’m the oldest at home, and secretly I always wanted a big brother just like Mr. Darcy.


Harry Potter and the PrisonerAnd last but certainly not least, I want Remus Lupin to be my wonderful uncle. I think being related to Remus would be amazing. He wouldn’t care if you are different, he would encourage you to be you. He would just sit with you and listen to your exciting stories or listen to your problems with a cup of tea and chocolate.

So I think Remus would be the perfect uncle.




So this is my book family! I really enjoyed making this list. Which character would you want a your family member?

– Debbie –

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