I Am The Reader Tag

Hello readers!

This tag is created by Whitney from WhittyNovels, I have her YouTube video here. I was tagged by Lia from Lost In A Story and this is her blog post, I firstly want to thank her for tagging me for this, this is my first tag. And I’m so excited to do this! So let’s get started!


  1. Choose 1 word that describes being a reader.

Magical. I personally think that a book is some sort of magical portal to transfer yourself in any kind of world you want to be in and you decide the world by choosing a book to read. I can really get lost in time and space when I’m reading. And while you are just sitting down you can be anyone, then you are an assassin, than you are a wizard and then you are a detective. While being in the magical world of books you can go on any adventure you want to go on.

  1. What’s the very first book you fell in love with?

I actually can’t remember that well, which book I started reading first and made me fall in love with it, but I can name three series I know I loved the most while I was a child, because I started reading as a child. The first series is Floortje by Cok Grashoff, this was a book series about a girl who was around my age back then and just her daily stuff, and she did jazz ballet and baking because her father was a baker, and she went on camp. Secondly we have the book series called Cindy by Erna Gianotten, the main character Cindy loved dancing and as far as I could remember it was ballet. I did ballet when I was younger so I really enjoyed reading books about it. Then last but not least we have the Dolfje Weerwolfje series, by Paul van Loon. This series’ main character is Dolfje and he can turn into a werewolf, and goes on all kinds of adventures.

Right now, when I’m talking about all these books I used to love so much and read them over and over again, I want to start reading them again. I do own some of the Floortje and Cindy books, but I got the Dolfje Weerwolfje books from the library back when I was obsessed with that series.

  1. Hardcover or paperback?

Both. They both have reasons for me to love them. Paperbacks are easier to bring along, they are cheaper and I already have a lot of them, but I hate it when the spine of the paperbacks cracks, it kind of ruins the beauty of the book of me. Hardcovers are beautiful to look at, they are harder to damage and most of the time I think that the covers of the hardcovers are prettier than those of the paperbacks, but hardcovers are very big, so it is not easy to bring it along with you in your school bag and they are much more expensive than the paperbacks.

  1. How has reading shaped your identity?

I don’t really know, because I have been reading as far as I can remember. Well if you ask my family with what you would always make me happy, that would be a book. A book is the present I asked for the most of my life, that is mostly the only present I can think of which is payable. Books made me stay up until past midnight, just to finish the book I bought that day.

  1. What book do you read when you need to be comforted?

Any book will you do fine for me. I think it would be any kind of book I want to read at that moment. When I’m very emotional I can be very picky in the book I want to read, because I want to read it to forget my troubles and to just forget about the real world for a few hours.

  1. Who taught you to be a reader? (Or did you do it all on your own?)

My mother did. My mom has been a reader herself and the moment she got out her collection of children’s book out, I wanted to read all of them and I did. And after that I loved to talk to her about her book I had just read. And so I build a collection of my own.

  1. Describe your dream reading lounge.


Where should I start? I want that library that the Beast gave Belle in Beauty and the Beast. The whole library is filled with books I picked, all hardcover. There will be comfortable chairs and couches there, so I can read very comfy. When it turns dark outside there will be some dim lights, lighting up my library, but they will be bright enough to read.

  1. What book changed the way you act or see the world?

achtste-groepers-huilen-nietActually the first book that pops into my mind is Achtste-Groepers Huilen Niet, which means Eight Graders Don’t Cry. I think this was the first book I read with the topic cancer in it. And as you continue to read to book you will see how many people will get involved once a child is diagnosed with cancer. So this story follows an Eight grade class which includes a girl with cancer.

My teacher read this to my class when we were in the Eight grade, and both my teacher and I were crying at the end of this book in class.

So I will be tagging Nikki from The Night Is Dark And Full Of Books and Giovanna from Book Coma . And if you want to do this tag I tag you to do it!

– Debbie –


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