Book Buying Problem

Hello readers!

At the beginning of summer I discovered BookTube and a whole new world was opened for me. After two years of telling myself it is too dangerous to read, because then I won’t get school stuff done if I’m really invested in a book, I gave myself permission to read again.

While I was reading again and I started watching BookTube, I got really excited for all the books they talked about. Right now I have about over 100 books that I want to buy and over 45 manga series I want to start reading.

So I started buying more books over the summer, I bought around 30 books and 10 manga, which is a lot for me, for someone who was buying one book every month or two months because they looked interesting.

And thereby, I already had a large TBR pile. Right now my TBR pile, for English books, is about 85 books that I still need to read. Over the last four years I have built up this pile while I wasn’t reading that much or nothing. I had stopped myself from reading because I completely wanted to focus on College, because that was taking a lot of my free time if not all. And it still does.

And then I have a Dutch TBR pile to which I don’t know the number of books I still need to read, because I have two boxes full of Dutch books under my bed. And it is too much effort to get them from under my bed to count them and put them back after that.

But there are also other thing that I want to buy, I really want my own car and if I spend all my money on books there won’t be any money left for the gas or the car itself. And there are also other things I want to save money for but that will be for in the future.

So I have made a deal with myself. I will ban myself from buying books until my TBR pile is fixed. Now, I know if I ban myself completely from buying any books, I will break that promise next week and if it isn’t next week, it will be next month. Because now that I have discovered BookTube and Book Blogging, there are going to be so many books that I want to read. And there are also a lot of books which are coming out in the next months that I want to have.

I will be allowing myself to buy books but with rules bind to them, and these are the rules:

  • I will have to read 5 books before I can buy one book.
  • If I catch up with a series I will be allowed to buy the next book without having to read 5 books.
  • I will have to read 5 manga and then I must buy a manga not a book.
  • The 3 in 1 manga will count as one book.
  • The 3 in 1 books will count as 3 books.
  • The book that I bought must be on my TBR for the next month, so it won’t stay on my TBR forever. I will be buying books I really want to read.
  • All the books that will count for the ‘read 5 books buy 1’ rule have to be books I haven’t read before, so the Harry Potter series won’t count for this.
  • If I have read a series before but in Dutch and I will be reading them in English, it will count.
  • Buying a boxset will not count as buying one book, I will have to read 5 books for each of the books in the boxset I want to buy.
  • I’m allowed to receive books for people (if someone wants to give me a book, I just can’t say ‘no’ :P).

I hope I can make myself proud and keep my promise to myself. This will also stimulate me to read more, because I want to buy books. It really is a problem, I know, but I have no intention of fixing this problem.

That was it, the rules are set, and there is no turning back now. Do you have a book buying problem? Have you ever put yourself on a buying ban from books? Please let me know in the comments.

– Debbie –

3 thoughts on “Book Buying Problem

  1. I also started watching booktube at the beginning of summer and now my goodreads tbr is getting a bit too high. I’ve barely bought books the last few months because I simply don’t want to spend money on books, I need all my money right now so I can’t afford it. Therefore a ban is not really necessary.
    But now I got a gift card for my birthday and it’s super hard to choose because there are so many books I want!

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      1. Thanks! I watch a little bit of everything actually, not something in specific. In my summer break I watched a lot but not anymore. I try to keep it to a minimum because once I start I can keep going forever. Maybe I should read some reviews to decide what I should buy 🙂

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