Sleepless by Lou Morgan *Spoiler Free* Review


Pages: 334

Genre: Young Adult, Horror, Thriller

Publishing year: 2014

Format: Paperback

Source: Bought

Score: 4 stars


Goodreads summary

“Young, rich and good-looking, Izzy and her friends lead seemingly perfect lives. But exams are looming – and at a school like Clerkenwell, failure is not an option. Luckily, Tigs has a solution. A small pill that will make revision a breeze and help them get the results they need. Desperate to succeed, the group begin taking the study drug. It doesn’t take long before they realize there are far worse things than failing a few exams.”



There was a pretty big cast for the characters who played a ‘big’ role in this book, but I only talk about our main character Izzy, because I can’t really say much about the other characters and I will be coming back on that by Writing.

But our main character is Izzy. She lost her mother two years ago and moved together with her father. Her father is a busy man and in the book he is constantly working. Izzy is driven by the thought that she has to prove herself and that she has to show her father that she is smart and can get excellent grades. Through the book you get to see her thought process and one what base, she makes a decision.



The whole book is writing through third person narrated by Izzy. You only get to see her thoughts and her experience in the whole ordeal. Izzy is, in my opinion, the character who is the best developed. Now you are thinking, duh, she is the main character of course she is the best developed. But I thought that the rest of the cast was a bit underdeveloped. There wasn’t that much debt to the other characters, in my opinion, because you only get to see Izzy’s thoughts and the biggest part of this book happens in 3 days, more or less.

I found it hard to make an image of where they were, I could picture if they were out on the street in the flat or somewhere else.

I did enjoy the fast pace that the biggest part of the book had. It had gave me the creeps a few time, which is good because this is a horror and thriller book. I enjoyed seeing everything Izzy was seeing and thinking, and from the description from that I could make a clear picture.



To me the ending felt a bit rushed, but I did enjoy it. Though there is still one big question I don’t have an answer to, but I’m not going to say it because that would be a spoiler. But the answer to this question, is in my opinion important to conclude this story, so to me this is a plot hole. Just like the Mia, one of the characters, thing. It doesn’t makes that much sense to me.

And of course the ending is a cliff hanger, just like it has been with the other books of the Red Eye series, and it did surprised me, I thought it would be the other way around.



I enjoyed reading this book, it gave me the creeps sometimes but not as bad that I couldn’t sleep anymore. I liked the concept of the story but they were some points I would have liked to be explained some more. I would recommend this book if someone were to ask me for a horror recommendation, but I would say with it that this is not the best one out there.


I hope everything made sense. It is really late right now, but I just finished the book and wanted to get my review out for it, now that it is still fresh in my mind.

– Debbie –

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