Top 5 Wednesday

Books You Want To See As TV Shows

Hello readers!

It is another Wednesday, the week flies by so fast! So that means another Top 5 Wednesday. Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes, and basically every Wednesday there is a topic for you to make a list out of.

I personally had a hard time making a list for this one, because I just recently got back into reading books, I haven’t read that much and have not much to choice from. So please bear with me on this list.

eeny-meenyEeny Meeny by M.J. Arbridge

So this is a book I have had my eyes on when I was on a vacation in London three years ago and ever since then it was on my mind, this was a book I needed to have and I got it for Christmas from Santa. This book is the first book of a series which follows Detective Inspector Helen Grace and so far there are five books in this series. I personally like crime series more than crime movies, so that is why I nominate Eeny Meeny.


the-standThe Stand by Stephen King

I have this book in Dutch and had started reading a year ago, but didn’t continue it, tough I was really interested in the story. But this is a pretty big book, so it is a bit intimidating. I will get to it soon. But from what I could remember this would make a great TV show. It is basically a plague which spreads through a whole country. Now that I think back on it, it kind of reminds me of how a zombie apocalypse might start, only people die from this plague. I will be reading this soon!


paazPAAZ by Myrthe van der Meer

This is a Dutch book by a Dutch author, but I found it to be amazing. PAAZ is a hospital ward for psychiatric people. People who suffer from psychoses or a depression, people who are a danger to themselves or the ones around them, are placed here for treatment. And we follow Emma through her stay her. As a to-be nurse, I love reading fictional books from my setting. And I loved reading this one, I have the sequel as well, I just need to read it. So because this is different from all the other stuff on the TV, I want this book to become a TV show.


arisaArisa by Natsumi Ando

Now this is a manga series but I think it would do great as a TV show, it doesn’t have to be an anime. I read this manga online and I’m planning on buying the physical copies soon, because I really like this series. I read it online in two days and that is very fast for me. This won’t be a long TV show but I would watch it.


dolfje-weerwolfjeDolfje Weerwolfje by Paul van Loon

So I talked about Dolfje Weerwolfje in the Tag blog I did last week, and this is one of the book series that got me reading. As far as I can see there are still books being published and it was just an amazing adventure as a child. There has been a movie of the first book I believe, I haven’t watched it, but I think this would also do great as a TV show.


So that was a pretty tough one to make, I was really struggling with the last two, but I did it, I made my Top 5 Books I want to see as a TV show. What books would you want to see as a TV show?

– Debbie –

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