What got me into reading (Dutch)

Hello readers!

This week I will be talking about the beginning of my reading and next week I will go in detail about what got me into reading English books. Dutch books were the beginning of my reading, of course, and these series I enjoyed back then, are still very dear to me. So let’s start.

What got me into reading Dutch?

The answer to this question is very easy: my mother. She and her genes in me got me into reading. She always toke me and my siblings to the library and let us pick out the books that we wanted, and so I discovered Dolfje Weerwolfje, I talked about this book in my I Am The Reader Tag.

She also got out the books she read as a child and that made me want to read them even more. I had put my mother’s books on my bookshelf and started reading them, they were all contemporary books, but I really enjoyed them. Most of my mother’s books were series and I would read the series as fast as I could, and then talk about them with my mother.

But I also discovered a lot of different and also interesting books, in the library and bookstores. As a kid I always wanted to read books about dancing, ballet or singing because those were my passions back then, and those books were very relatable for me. Thereby I read fantasy as well, to me back then everything that wasn’t real was fantasy.

I don’t know if it was before or after Dolfje Weerwolfje but I found the Floortje and Cindy series as well, which were books about girls and their daily lives.

When I got older I went to the library on my own and I could spend hours there looking through the books and picking up the once I wanted to read. And there were times I got home with ten books from the library. In the meantime I had built up my own little collection of books but most of the books I read were from the library.

In the library I discovered the Hoe Overleef Ik… series and more, the world was built around the books I was reading back then. And my love for books has never stopped but it has evolved.

When you get older there are a different kind of books you would be interested in. I would still enjoy reading Dolfje Weerwolfje back then, but I was a teenager and I wanted to start reading teenage stuff and some adult books. Though I found that adult books were harder to read, it became easier with the years and I really enjoyed them as well.

Back in secondary school, when I had bought a book I really wanted to read so badly, I started reading as soon as I got home and I didn’t stop reading until I was done, even if that meant reading until 3 am in the morning while I had to go to school in a few hours. Back then I could do that, but right now, my body isn’t capable of doing that anymore. I wish I still could though.

What got you into reading?

– Debbie –

One thought on “What got me into reading (Dutch)

  1. I only ever read contemporary books when I was younger, so I never read Dolfje Weerwolfje. I remember that my mom once gave me a box of her childhood books and there were a lot of similar books to Floortje and Cindy in there. I also loved reading De Vijf! I think that box is partly what got me into reading.

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