Hello readers!

This is a more personal post which is related to reading.

I think I have mentioned this before but I have dyslexia. Now I have been having this my whole life and I got the label when I was in my first year of secondary school. My mother has always thought that I had it but they disagreed with her at my primary school. There had been a few days of intensive testing and the result was that I was ‘diagnosed’ with dyslexia.

Now that is all nice but what is dyslexia? First off, it took me so long to learn how to spell dyslexia. Dyslexia is also known as a reading disorder. A person with dyslexia has problem with learning, reading and writing. It is a life time disorder and unlike the fact that the person has a learning disability, he has a normal intelligence.

I will tell you how dyslexia somewhat disables me. I remember when we needed to read in class, in silence the same part, I was always the one who was done last. Later I taught myself not to ask for extra reading time because I wasn’t finished, my writing is slow as well. This is common for people with dyslexia.

I always hated reading out loud, I would get really nervous and if I knew which parted in needed to read out loud, I would practice it beforehand. While I read out loud I would somewhat stutter out the world or I would have trouble pronouncing words, like where do I put the accent in the word. I got corrected often. Which bothered me. And whenever I saw a new words, which was long, I couldn’t pronounce is because I didn’t know where the accent belonged.

I secondary school I got extra time to make my tests and for that I am so grateful, because I really needed it and in college I got it as well. Most of the time I used up all the time I got and still something had to finish quickly. Sometimes I even forgot how to spell a word, so simple. Then I just write it down the way it is pronounced.


So now, I will tell you something about how Dyslexia effects my reading. As I had said people with dyslexia have a hard time reading, which is no difference for me. I always have and always will. My dyslexia makes sure that when I sometimes read a word, I read it correctly but my brains make a whole other word from it. And I could read a sentence over and over but my brain would still make the same mistake until it clicks, until my brain realizes that it is wrong.

While I read I need fully concertation just to make sure I understand everything I read and that I won’t read a sentence wrong. Because I need to concentrate fully I can’t have noise around me, it is hard for me to filter the sound so I can read in peace.

And when I am writing an assignment or maybe a post I could make a mistake but I wouldn’t see it because my brain tells me that whatever is standing in that sentence is correct even though it isn’t.

What point do I want to make with this post? I will get to that in a moment. Dyslexia has always been a part of me, I am perfectionistic, but I can live with the fact that I have Dyslexia, I just have to try harder than some others.

The point that I want to make. Even though reading is hard for me, I still love reading. I want to be an author and just because I have dyslexia I won’t give up that dream. I am not going to be stopped by the fact that I have dyslexia, it won’t hold me back. I will just work and try harder.

Just because I have something that can hold me back from following my dream, doesn’t mean that I will let it hold me back from following my dream. I am sure everyone has something that holds them back from following what they want to do. But is it really worth it? Sometimes you have something that hold you back, to which you can’t do nothing but stop following your dream. That isn’t the case with me, it just slows me down a bit.

I don’t believe in giving up, and I hate it when I give up.


How do you guys feel about this? Do you have something that holds you back from following your dream? Do you have something that influence your reading?

– Debbie –

11 thoughts on “Dyslexia

  1. That’s great Debbie how you don’t let dyslexia hold you back. It all’s about how one looks at it. It can be the reason for your success or your failures. There are numerous examples of successful dyslexics out there who against all odds achieved their goals and proved themselves. You could very possibly be one of them and are on the right track. Dyslexia can very well become your strength if you let it.
    Shakespeare once said, ”We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”
    Check out my blog for knowing more about dyslexia and seeking inspiration.

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  2. Hi Debbie, thank you for sharing your personal experience of Dyslexia. It is wonderful to hear that you are determined to write! What kind of writing do you do?
    I also have dyslexia! I can really relate to what you are saying here. I used to HATE being asked to read aloud, I would go read and get very hot.
    I have just posted a personal blog about my experience, it feels good to share it doesn’t it! Take care 🙂

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    1. It does feel good to share experiences, even though not ever experience holds happy memories. Good that you have posted an personal post as well, I will check it out.
      I am still trying to find the genre I like to read. But the story I am currently working on is a Retelling and when I am done, I am planning on posting it on my blog as well.
      I still get stressed out whenever I need to read it out loud, but now I can joke about it myself 🙂

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