London Trip 4-11-2016/7-11-2016

Hello Readers!

I’m back from London, I actually was back yesterday, but I didn’t have the energy to write a blog so I am doing it today!

First I am going to talk about what I did every day I was in London, then I will give sort of review for the things I have been to and then will discuss my London Haul. I was in London with my mother and her partner (I find it very hard to him her boyfriend :P)

(A bunch of pictures I took :D)


Day 1

The alarm went at 4 am, one word: hell. I’m not a morning person, so this wasn’t that great but, hey, I was going to London, so I would get up. The night before I had packed my bags and everything was ready so we could hop into the car and drive to Eindhoven. In Eindhoven we took the plain to London, this was a 45 min/1 hour ride and we didn’t lose any time with it because there is an hour difference between England and the Netherlands.

After we had arrive we needed to find a bus that would take up to London, because we arrived at the Stansted. We bought a ticket which was a retour so we could use it on the day of return as well. It was an hour ride to London from there, so I looked at the landscapes that came by and I read a bit on my phone.

And after that we had to use the metro train to Lancaster Gate, where our hotel was, Columbia. There we could go into our room, and we took a little nap.

After the nap we went to the Waterstones bookshop. Before we went to London, I looked up which book store in London was the biggest and that was this one, Waterstones at Piccadilly. When we were done there we went to eat at the Swan pub near our hotel, fish and chips.

Day 2

This day we had for the first time breakfast in the hotel, after I had coffee I made the decision that the next days I would get tea. After that we went to Covent Garden for some shopping, there we went to the place Build A Bear was last year, but it was gone! So that kind of ruined our trip to Covent Garden, and the M&M museum that was there was gone. So after that we bought the Thriller Live tickets and we went to Regent Street, we did some shopping there.

At 8 pm we had the Thriller Live show which was amazing. And after that my mom and her partner went drinking while I took a nice shower.


Day 3

First we went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and there was so much stuff I was thinking like, ‘I need that and that and OH, I need that’, but I maintained myself. I almost bought the complete Sherlock Holmes edition, I was actually hoped that they would have a special edition only for the Sherlock Holmes Museum, but they didn’t.

After this we went to Brent Cross because we were still looking for a Build A Bear, we found it there, but it was very small and the shopping era was very crowded, I didn’t like it very much. I’m not really a person for very crowded places.

But because we still hadn’t succeeded by Build A Bear we went to Hamley’s and that was huge! So many floors filled with toys. And I went to the Harry Potter section, with the idea to get a scarf because I was cold and I would actually wear it on a regular day as well. Guess what?! They only had Gryffindor scarfs, and I was feeling very offended 😛

After that we went back to the hotel, we ate food at the Swan and we went to bed.

Day 4

This was the day traveling back. All we did was traveling back, and packing and unpacking our bags. And when I got home there was a little present waiting for me, which I bought for myself when I was having an awful and emotional day, I kind of felt bad about it when I thought about the this I bought in London.


Reviews (sort of)

Columbia Hotel

Over the hotel I’m not very positive, but that is my experience. The room we had was very, very cold. We had both heaters on full and it was still cold. There was no WiFi in the hotel, only in the hall and lounge and you needed a code for it (WiFi didn’t always work), the elevator was broken every day we were there which was that bad because our bags were already upstairs. Breakfast wasn’t very special and the coffee was sort of horrible.

I did like the beds in the hotel, they were better than the ones I have slept in before in London and the service when we could enter our room on the first day. The room we had was also very clean and I did like the old fashion look it had.


I love this store! It was so big, it had 5 floors full of books. There were also hardcover books, but the prices of them weren’t mentioned anywhere. Every floor had its own genres and I only went to floor 2 and 3, so I wouldn’t be there to long. On floor 2 were the mystery and crime books and on floor 3 were the YA books. In the end I only bought YA books.

There is also a Waterstones in Amsterdam and Waterstones has a special stamp card, if you spend 10 euros/pond you get 1 stamp and if you have 10 stamps you get 10 euros/pond of. After visiting this Waterstones, I have 6 stamps total.

I could have stayed here all day and spend all my money if I was in London alone.

Thriller Live

My mother has always been fan of Michael Jackson and so she brought it over to me. At first it wasn’t sure if we would go to Thriller or any musical but her partner and I convinced her. And she is very glad we did!

It was amazing! I loved every part of it. The singing and dancing was amazing, there was a Michael Jackson look-a-like preforming the way Michael did. There was interaction with the public and at the end the preformed the more meaningful songs of Michael (Man In The Mirror, They Don’t Care About Us and Earth Song), they even made me very emotional, I was at the verge of tears and I have never experience these emotions by a musical.

So if you are ever in London and you have the opportunity to go to Thriller Live, I would recommend it to all the people who are familiar with Michael Jackson music.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

I was looking forward to this the whole vacation, after watching the series I really wanted to go here. And I was great, the entre price is pretty expensive for what you get to see, but I really love the way it was shown. But I was looking at everything like ‘this looks amazing, but I don’t know where it is from’, because I haven’t read the books. So once I have read to books and I will be in London again with someone who wants to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum with me, I will go again.





  • Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi (Signed Copy!)
  • Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven (Signed Copy!)
  • A Monster’s Call by Patrick Ness
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  • The Muse by Jessie Burton (I got this book)

A cloth shop I forgot the name of:

  • An owl onesie (It’s so fluffy!)

Sherlock Holmes Museum:

  • 2 leather bookmarks with quotes from the Sherlock Holmes books (blue and green)
  • A Post Card


I felt so relaxed in London, I wasn’t worrying about school and internship. Normally I constantly worry about school and internship, I then feel stressed throughout the week. But those days in London weren’t filled with worries.

Have you ever been to London? How was your experience?


– Debbie –

3 thoughts on “London Trip 4-11-2016/7-11-2016

  1. I want to visit London so badly! I won’t say I’d want to live there cause its so crowded and everything, but it’s definitely on my list on places to visit before I die. I expect everything to be expensive as well, cause it’s London! That Michael Jackson LIVE! Sounds really cool! I’ve never seen a musical but I love Michael Jackson’s music. I would definitely love to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum that would be so cool! I always get offended when there’s only Gryffindor scarves, but I already have a Ravenclaw one from my visit in Universal Hollywood.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I won’t stop my search for a Ravenclaw scarf or a Slytherin scarf, I won’t give up.
      I really love London and I have the luck that the Netherlands is actually pretty nearby, and I also have the luck that my mom and her partner love London as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My dad hates the UK lol so when/if I ever get to visit, I doubt I’ll go with him. But my cousin (aka my best and only friend) wants to visit London some day so I’ll probably take a trip with her some day.

        Liked by 1 person

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