NaNoWriMo fail…

Hello Readers!

I am going to admit my defeat… I have failed NaNoWriMo miserably, so I will stop trying to keep on writing and writing and writing, which basically became word vomiting because I was behind. And that wasn’t the purpose of NaNoWriMo for me. Maybe next year, I shouldn’t go to London in November… And just the rest of the beginning of the month was so busy and hectic for me, that I couldn’t completely focus on writing.

But I do have gained something from participating NaNoWriMo. I have regained my excitement to write and right now I am very excited to continue with my story I am writing on Wattpad and I have learned that my outlining needs to be even more detailed than it was.

So as for the rest of November, I will be working on my outlining for Stalked and the story on Wattpad. And I will continue writing my story on Wattpad again (but before I post it online again, I will finish it). And in December I will be writing short stories 🙂

But I will still give you guys a little fact about Stalked.

  • The Prologue is written in the stalker’s point of view.


Next year I will try again! How is NaNoWriMo going for the rest of you who are participating?

– Debbie –

17 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo fail…

  1. I second the BookProphet’s comment, while maybe a “fail” in regard to NaNoWriMo’s goal you have a story to tell now and are invigorated to continue writing it-just at your own pace. To me that’s a win!

    I’m not the writer in the family however if you want to check it out(if you haven’t already)my husband wrote a post about his first week of participating in NaNo this year. He’s written some advice that may help for next year 🙂

    Best of luck to you!

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  2. I was rushing big time, and it was giving me so much stress! I got to about 12000 words and decided the word vomit wasn’t for me. So I am going to write at my own pace!
    I have written so much more now though, and my story is so much more fleshed out than I would have expected! I’m actually excited for when I will have time to sit and work on it now!

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    1. Yes, I felt the pressure of the word count as well. And I just don’t have the time to write that much. I will be setting a daily word count for myself, but one I can accomplish without the feel I just vomit a bunch of meaningless words. Great that letting go of the NaNoWriMo pressure and writing at your own pace helps you big time! It is great that you look forward to writing!

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    1. You did much better than I did. I think it is a good idea that you are taking a break and that you are going back to your outlining. Those words count for me :p Good luck with your outlining!


    1. Thank you and I agree. You don’t have to write just to write some words, and I was doing that. So I am going to build up some experience and I will try next year. What is your story about?

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      1. My story is a choose your own adventure about a palace completely buried in snow – I wanted to try out second person perspective and I always loved the cyoa books when I was younger. I’ve posted the first few chapters on my site clairemoorewrites.com – it’s called The Shard Palace. Looking forward to seeing what you do over the coming year!

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