50 Followers Q&A Answers

Hello Readers!

Last Sunday I have announced the Q&A because I have reached 50 followers on my blog. And these are the answers to the questions I received. Thank you to all the people who have asked me these questions, they were wonderful to answer!

Lia from Lost In A Story

Is there a character that reminds you a lot of yourself? And why? (This can be characters from books, movies, anything)

I have been searching my memory for days to find an answer to this question, but I think there is no character that reminds me a lot of myself. Most of the characters I know are very brave, and I am not at all. I think of myself as a mix of Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger, minus the bravery and the nerves to speak their minds.
What do you think your life will look like in 5 years?

I hope to have finished my college and to have a job that is on my list first. And second, I hope to have a very nice and loving boyfriend. Right now I don’t really have the time to go out and find a guy, but I do hope that I have that time once I’m done with college and when I have a job. I have always dreamed of having my own family, and maybe I wouldn’t achieve that in 5 years, but I can achieve a bit of it.

And I also hope to still be blogging and maybe to have started my own YouTube channel. And also to have published my first book.
What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never dared to/had the opportunity to/were able to do?

Travel. I really want to travel a lot, I want to see the world. But there are a few things that hold me back from doing it. First money and college, and secondly I don’t want to go alone, so there has to be someone I know who would want to go with me and have the money for it as well. My sister and I have said to each other, once we can pay it that we will be going to Japan. And with my family we have said that we will be going to New York once we can pay alongside my mom and her partner.


Lu from Girl Who Reads

Have you noticed any positive changes in yourself while blogging?

Yes, I have. Right now I can express my love for books and I can read books together with other people. And somehow I have noticed that it has giving me more confident in general and somehow I find it easier to speak out my opinion.


Nikki from The night is dark and full of books

What is your all-time favorite book? And why?

At the moment I don’t really have an all-time favorite book, except the Harry Potter series. I do think Sherlock Holmes might become it, but I obviously haven’t read it yet, so I don’t know for sure. And I do think this, because I my opinion Sherlock Holmes was the beginning of the crime/detective/mystery genre and I love that genre, and it has to be good if there are constantly TV/movie adaptations of it.
What do you study at school/what is your major? If you don’t study then what was it/will it/would it be?

I always find it very hard to explain the Dutch school system, but at the moment I am in my last year for my Bachelor degree in Nursing (HBO verpleegkundige in Dutch) and I am hoping to continue to work in the sector I am having my internship in, child health center (consultatiebureau in Dutch).
Which author would you want to have a conversation with? What would you tell or ask them?

Hajime Isayama (the author of Attack on Titan), to know what the ending will be. And if my precious Levi will be spared from (a horrible) death. I can’t bare the idea that he might die, I just can’t.


Alicia from livepulchritudinously

If you could pick only one book to read for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I won’t be picking Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, because that would be an obvious choice. This would either be the Helen Grace series by M.J. Arlidge, My Lady Jane or a dutch book called PAAZ. The Helen Grace series holds memories to my first trip to London and I was really invested in reading the first book, so I won’t mind reading it again. My Lady Jane is just hilariously written and I really love this book. And PAAZ is an interesting book, for which I can’t really put into words why I love it so much.


Debby from alwaysbooking

If you could only take 5 books to a desert island, which ones would you take??

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection (in one binding), My Lady Jane, The Trails of Apollo and Illuminae. I have only read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix from these, and I might switch that one with a book that would get me off the island, once I have finished the other books.


Savannah from The Book Prophet

Do you watch any YouTubers?

Too much to be honest, but I will tell the ones I am watching the most at the moment and I will split them up in the kind of YouTubers they are.

Reading: HailsHeartsNyc, A Clockwork Reader, King Books, PeruseProject, readbyzoe and Thoughts on Tomes.

Writing: Jenna Moreci and Vivien Reis.

Pokemon (yes, I watch videos about Pokemon, don’t judge plz): aDrive and SuperDuperDani.

Other: Wengie, VasseurBeauty, Liza Koshy and SuperCarlinBrothers


A.M. Bradley

What is your end goal for blogging?

Having fun and sharing my reading experiences, right now I am using my blog as a place where I can be 100% myself and I love it. And later on, I hope that I can also be a platform I can promote my books on, because I am planning on publishing books one day.
As a writer, what do you hope to accomplish?

Creating stories I would love to read myself and which I will be proud of. And I also hope for other people to enjoy the stories I have written by then. I every book I try to give the main character a bit of myself, it don’t have to be a personality tread, it can also be a bit of my past or that they stand up for the same things as I am.


Megan from bookslayerReads

What are your favorite posts to read?

Top lists, TBR’s and Wrap Ups. I also do like to read reviews, but I am a bit careful when I am reading them, because I don’t want to get spoiled for a book I might want to read or would love to read.


And what are your favorite posts to write?

Tags and spoiler free reviews, I love doing those. I am a bit apprehensive when it comes to sharing personal stuff, but I don’t would like to do it some day when I feel comfortable about it.


Emily for Emily At The Library

I wanted to ask when did you start your blog?

I started blogging at the end of August this year, so I am blogging for a bit more than two months. Just two months?! It feels like I’m doing this way longer!


Have you had another blog before this one?

No I don’t, but I do have a Wattpad account where I post my own book and fanfiction. I did that before I came here.


And what made you start blogging?

I found this blogging platform through a Wattpad writer, who made the step to come here to post her stories and talk about writing topics. And at the beginning of the summer I found out about BookTube through HailsHeartsNyc, and it got me excited to read again. But I did wanted to be active in the book community and since I don’t have to time to make YouTube videos and don’t have the space to do it, I decided to start a blog. And I don’t regret a thing. I might start a BookTube channel once day, when I have to time and space to do so, but even when I would decide to do so, I wouldn’t give up on blogging. Because I love doing this!


These were my answers to all of your questions! I really liked doing this and this way you guys get to know me a bit better.

– Debbie –


9 thoughts on “50 Followers Q&A Answers

  1. These all seem like fun questions to answer! I’d hope to be in college within the next five years and to have a stable job that involves something I love (I’ve been thinking newspapers). I also love HailsHeartsnyc, Peruseproject, and readbyzoe! The only youtubers I watch that aren’t in the book community are dan and phil. They have three videos of them playing pokemon go (and I believe another where they play some sort of pokemon game, not sure). Congrats on 50 followers again! I actually just made it to 40 so I’ll probably do a Q&A post as well when I reach 50.

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  2. Reviews are also my favorite posts to write! I’ve been so behind on my reading lately though. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon! Thanks for answering all our questions!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And thank you for asking questions and following me! Luckily I’m not behind on my reviews, if I don’t make them the same day or the day after I finished the book, then I can’t remember everything 😛 I’d love to read your reviews once they are up!

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