The Story Of My Life

The Story Of My Life #1

Hello Readers!

Lately I have seen some people who I follow posting very personal stuff and when I started blogging that was also my intention, to share a bit of my life, a piece of myself. And right now I feel comfortable enough, and I know no one would judge me for the stuff I will say on here. And for creating that kind of trust in the short amount of time I have been on WordPress, is very special and I want to thank you guys for that.

So I will start with giving you an update on the month November.

At the beginning of November I went to London for four days. These days were amazing, I felt so relaxed and I wasn’t worried about all the stud I needed to do when I would get back, so that was a great thing to experience or should I say not experience.

Secondly I participated in NaNoWriMo, and I failed miserably, it makes me laugh but I did get excited again to write, so that is what I am trying to implement into my life, so that I can write a bit per day, but that isn’t really working so far since my life is so busy at the moment.

Also something not so great happened. We had to give our cats to new owners. We hadn’t had the cats for that long a small two months, but I loved them so much, they had become so precious to me during that short period. But we saw that the cats didn’t like it that much with us. We are a big family and we are pretty busy, and the cats weren’t used to that, so they became really stressed and a bit distant to get some rest. So now they are in a new lovable house, with two older people and I think they are at their place right now. But I still miss them, the first few days were so hard for me, every time I got downstairs they would normally meet you at the door, but now they weren’t there and their stuff was gone. There was no cat who would throw herself in my neck because she wants to be pet, or no meowing when they are getting their food. But I know they are at a better place right now, which makes a bit less painful. I made myself forget a bit by buying some books and throw myself at the stuff I needed to do for internship.

Which brings me to some great news, in my opinion. I was original only doing one internship of 20 weeks on the place I am right now. But we have arranged that I would do my final phase of my education to be a nurse on the same place, so I will stay there until July 2017. And someone who works there told me that when I can do a certain amount of tasks they might want to give me a job there when I am done with my Bachelor. And I was so happy when I heard I could stay there and continue to grow and also that I might have an opportunity to work there in the future. So I am really going to focus on that the next few months.

I have also been working on myself lately, I always have had trouble with expression my emotions and speaking out the thoughts I have, so I am following a personal skills training and I am doing something called Video Interactive Training, for which you basically let yourself get filmed in a situation and you will evaluate that later and this will be in a positive way, focusing on the things you are doing well. This takes a lot of my time and a lot of my energy, but I do think it is working.

So that was my first The Story Of My Life post, every post I will give you guys an update on my life, things I want to share and I will also talk about things you guys would like to know from me. So feel free to ask me questions in the comments for topics for my next The Story Of My Life post. And if you would like to do something like this as well, feel free to use this idea. These posts will be random, I will be doing them whenever I feel like doing one.

– Debbie –

5 thoughts on “The Story Of My Life #1

  1. I’m sorry about the cats. Having 6 dogs in the house, I don’t know what I would feel if I didn’t have any dogs to greet me when I get home, or a furry face to wake up to. Congrats on the internship thingy! Hopefully everything works out well and you’ll be given the job!

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