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T5W Favorite Villains

Hello Readers!

Today is another Wednesday! And that means another Top 5 Wednesday post. So Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group originally created by Lainey from GingerReadsLainey and is now hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes.

Luke from the Percy Jackson series

I love to hate Luke, he is a wonderful character, and he is wonderful written. In the end you do feel sorry for him, even after all he has done. At least that is how I remember feeling about him and to come back on another Top 5 Wednesday from a few weeks ago ‘Favorite Non-Canon Ships’, I ship Annabeth and Luke, in my opinion they are perfect for each other.


John Doone from What We Saw

I hate him so much, and I can’t tell because that would be mayor spoiler, so I am not going that way. I can’t stand it, I really can’t. He is cruel, he is mean, and he has no respect for authority or women. He thinks he is a wonderful guy, because his daddy has money. I hate him with a lot of passion. Basically I love the fact that I hate him so much…


Charlotte from Frozen Charlotte

Who doesn’t like a creepy doll to be the villain in a book? I have seen enough horror/thriller movies with dolls in it and that doesn’t end well because of the doll. This book was so creepy that I had to read it during the day otherwise I would have nightmares.


Yagami Light from Death Note

Now I haven’t read the manga of Death Note yet, but I did watch the anime. And I can’t tell you how much I love Light. Other people from what I read online, like L more. But I am on Light’s side, he is the most wonderful and scarily smart villain.


Uchiha Itachi from Naruto

Throughout his life, Itachi is viewed at a villain. He has murdered his whole clan and has left Konoha to join a group of villains. But I love him so so SO much. I love his character and the complexity of his character and the love he feels for a certain someone (I’m not going to spoil anyone). I love him, he is one of my ultimate fiction husbands.


Which are some of your favorite villains?

– Debbie –

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