Bookmas Day 7 Top 7 Series Finals And Sequels of 2016

Hello Readers!

And it is Monday… I don’t think I am the only one who doesn’t like Mondays. But you know what makes Mondays a bit less painful? Talking about books and reading books. So here I am with my Top 7 Series Finals and Sequels.

But even though I haven’t read any of those (except for Harry Potter and the Divergent series), I am going to list of the series finals and sequel I need to read. I am not going to talk about them because most of them have I mentioned before, as I believe. So here are the pictures of the 7 series finals/sequels I need to read.

Which was your series finale/sequel you read in 2016? And which one do you wish you had read?

– Debbie –

5 thoughts on “Bookmas Day 7 Top 7 Series Finals And Sequels of 2016

  1. The book finales/sequels I’ve read are Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, The Heir, The Crown, The Walking Dead Compendium 2, The Infinite Sea, Scarlet, A Clash of Kings, and City of Lost Souls. I also read the first 5 books in the Series of Unfortunate Events series.

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      1. They’re okay considering they’re written for children. I’m excited for the Netflix series in January


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