The Christmas Forgiving Spirit | Short Story Society Week 4

Before we go one to my short story I would like to say. Merry Christmas Everybody!! I hope you are having a wonderful time and you are enjoying Christmas with your loved ones! 

Okay now on to my short story!

Stella drives in the busy traffic home after work. It is 23 December and from now on she has a week off. She still hasn’t decided what she wants to do with Christmas, her husband says she should go but she is still doubting. But then again all the time her mind is going back to the voice mail her mother left her.

‘Hello Stella, sweetheart. I have been thinking about what I want to do with Christmas this year. And I would love it if you and Chris could come over here. It would mean the world to me to spend Christmas together with you. Well, let me know what you will do. And if you do not call me back, I’ll be expecting you here with Christmas. Love mom.’

Mother has always been this way, “if you say nothing I will take that as a yes”. But there was something about that Christmas reunion that doesn’t sit well with Stella. The way her mother talked makes her feel like, she is up to something. And Stella can only think of one thing, she would that mother would invite Trish as well.

Stella hasn’t seen her younger sister in years, and she isn’t sure if she is ready to see her again. She has spoken about this with Chris but he thinks it would be good for her, looking at her situation.

Trish and Stella have been in a huge fight 5 years ago, when they had lost their father. They were both grieving and yelling things they didn’t meant. But neither of them have called the other to apologize to the other. Normally Stella would have done it, but she always does it, so now in Stella’s opinion Trish should make the first move to apologize. Chris calls her stubborn when this topic is discussed, well he calls her stubborn most of the time, but he loves that about her – his words.

As Stella is waiting in front of the red traffic light, her hand goes to her big belly and she feels the baby softly kicking against her hand. Stella and Chris are expecting their first child and Stella is 35 weeks pregnant, so after her weeks off, she will have 16 weeks off as well, after she has worked to week of January 2nd. And Chris thinks she would love to spend some of her time together with her sister, that she would need it. And he is right. Chris knows Stella the best, and she knows that she would love to have her sister with her in those 16 weeks, but she is just afraid to be disappointed again. They get along with each other so well, but they can fight so well as well.

Stella drives her car on the drive, but she doesn’t see Chris’ car. With a confusion expression Stella opens the front door. And the confusion look on her face only grows, there are packed bags in the hallway. There are three of them, she can make out her own and Chris’, but the other one is just a weekend bag.

‘Chris?’ She calls out to her husband.

‘Yes, love.’ At least he is home. But where is his car then?

‘What are the bags doing down here?’

She hears footsteps coming down the stairs. And there appears her husband, his short chopped blond hairs tangled and some sweat on his forehead, there is even damp on his glasses from the effort he had made into whatever he is planning. A goofy smile appears on his face as he walks over to Stella.

‘There are my two favorite little persons on earth.’ Chris takes Stella in a loving embrace. She places her hand on his back and returns his embrace. Chris is a head taller than Stella, and she hears that a lot.

‘You still haven’t answered my question.’ Stella mumbles into his shoulder. He isn’t going to avoid that question.

Chris releases Stella from his embrace, he steps back with a mischievous smile on his face. His hand goes over his forehead, removing the sweat.

‘Well since you couldn’t make the decision. I made it for you. We are going to your mom and we will celebrate Christmas there, I already called and we can stay there today and on Boxing Day as well, so I packed our bags with clothes and the presents.’ Chris looks at his watch. ‘We will be leaving in two hours, so if you want to refresh yourself, you should do it now.’ He stated. He places his hands on her shoulder and softly pushes Stella towards the stairs.

Stella walks up the stairs flabbergasted and takes a shower. During the shower, everything starts to sink in. She is going to her mom and she will probably see her sister again, whom she hasn’t seen in 5 years. Some part of her is glad that Chris made the decision for her, otherwise she would have never made a decision and then she would sit here on Christmas morning regretting her decision to not make a decision.

She lets her brown get soaked, she recently chopped it off to a short bob. She takes all the time she needs to let everything that was just told to her sink in.


After a two and a half hour drive of singing – of key or not – to Christmas songs on the radio, Chris and Stella arrive at Stella’s mother house. The moment her mother hears the car in on her drive Stella sees the light in the hallway turn on and the front door opens.

Her mother still looks pretty young for her age of 54 years. And Chris always likes to joke about it, like now.

‘Stella’s older sister, I didn’t know you would be at your mom’s place as well.’ He embraces her as she laughs. ‘You still haven’t changes, Chris. That’s good.’ Mom and Chris really get along.

Mom’s eyes fall on me or should I say us. ‘Look at you Stella, you are already so big. Are you sure it is not a twin?’

‘Mom! No, it is just one baby. Don’t be silly.’

After two night at mom’s place, it was finally there, Christmas morning. And just like we did when I was still young, we sit around the Christmas tree and unwrap our gifts one by one. Mom has given us some baby stuff, like some rompers and two sleeping bags – one for the winter and one for the summer. And of course Chris and Stella have given each other baby stuff with “Papa’s Favorite”, or “Mama’s Darling”, they also give each other personally gifts, like books for Stella and the newest game for the PS4.

The rest of the day they have the radio on and they are singing along the Christmas songs – Chris makes his favorite off key swipes at the end of the songs – and they play board games.

Around 4 p.m. mom starts with dinner, Stella asks if she needs to help. But mom doesn’t want her to help, they are her guests. Again Stella was getting feeling that there was reason that she couldn’t help her mom with dinner, and that wasn’t because she is her guest.

Then the doorbell rings. And mom almost sprints toward the door to open it before Stella does. Stella hears someone entering the house and taking of their coat and shoes. She hears her mom talking to the person and she already knows who she is talking to.

The door to the living room opens, and there she stands, Trish. She has her blue straight hair – which used to be brown – put into a ponytail and she is wearing brown glasses over her brown/green eyes. Trish is wearing a green Christmas sweater with a Santa Claus on it, and under that she is wearing a black skirt with black panties.

‘Hi.’ Trish and Stella are staring at each other, Stella has stand up and folds her arms in front of her.

‘Hey, Trish. It has been a while!’ Chris walks over to her and gives her a hand. Stella admires this in her husband, that he is able to do this so natural while the whole situation is so awkward.

‘Hey, Trish.’ It sounds like a whisper, as Stella spoke to her younger sister, still keeping her distance.

Trish seats herself on the couch next to Chris, who is between her and Stella. Mom brings in the hot chocolate with some biscuits. The whole time there is silence between everyone on the couch, while mom is still cooking in the kitchen.

Every once in a while Trish’s and Stella’s eyes would meant each other, but then they would look away and not say a word to the other.

Mom comes walking into the living room and see them sitting. Chris stiff between the two sisters who need a push in the right direction, to start a conversation with the other.

‘Come on girl! You are making poor Chris feel so awkward. I know you both want to talk to each other, just do it! You got nothing to loss. Make it up, it is Christmas after all.’

She sees Trish’s eyes traveling down her belly. ‘You’re pregnant? Or have you already eaten too much Christmas food?’ And that breaks the tension between the sisters.

‘No shit, Sherlock! Of course, have I eaten too much, you know me.’ Tears are whet Stella’s eyes, and she lets them flow. In her 35 weeks of pregnancy she knows that there is no fighting the hormones. Or maybe this are the emotions she has been holding in ever since Trish walked into the room.

‘Come here, you stupid.’ Stella stands up and takes Trish in a tight embrace. ‘You have no idea how much I missed you, silly sis.’

‘I’m sorry, Stella. I’m sorry that I have hurt you so much and I am sorry that I wasn’t there when you needed me the most. Please forgive me!’ Trish is bawling her eyes out on Stella’s shoulder, but she doesn’t care about that.

‘Finally.’ She hears her mother and husband sighing to each other. But she doesn’t pay any attention to that. Right now she is busy making up with Trish.

All Stella can think about is that she finally has her sister back, and they can start over again. Her family is whole again.

Because this short story is Christmas themed for me, I wanted to get it up on Christmas. That is why this one is up earlier that my story from last week. Don’t worry, that one is still coming! 

And again feedback is welcome! I would love to hear what you think of this short story. 

Have a great Christmas day!

– Debbie – 


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