Top 5 Wednesday

T5W Top 5 Goals for 2017

Hello Readers!

So here is my first Top 5 Wednesday of 2017, and it is already late. To past two days I have had a Harry Potter Marathon with my friends, so we watched all 8 movies in two days at (1) because we wanted to, and (2) because one of my friends only had seen the first two so that needed to be changed. That is why I am doing this Top 5 today.

I already talked about the goals I have for 2017 in my post here. But I can always talk about other goals I have, those I forgot to put on my list…


I am really bad at making a planning, I always want to do more than I can. And I hardly follow the planning I have made, so that needs to changes, because planning will safe me this next half year of school. One day a week I will be sitting to plan out the week and I will keep myself to it, and to make that happen I need to make a realistic planning.

Finish my two fanfictions

I have two fanfictions which are currently put on hold so that I can focus on college, but I do want to finish them this year. But that will probably happen in the second half of this year, together with the book I want to write. I might find so time in the first half of 2017, but that time will be minimal.

Bed time

I have made it a habit to stay up late when I have a free day and then I will come out of bed late as well, unless I have internship. But even the days before my internship I will go to bed late because I am not tired because I come out of bed late. So there need to be a bit more structure, and then I can use the time I have well.

Restrict myself from buying books (again)

Because November has been an emotional roller coaster for me, I have been buying a lot more books. So I will be restricting that again after January. So from February I am allowed to buy 1 book for every 5 books I read.

Not forgetting to have fun

With college coming close to an end and all the goals I have up upon myself, I must not forget to have fun and sometime just take some time for myself to find rest. While you are feeling good and having fun all the things you must do, become more doable.

Which are some of the goals you forgot to mention or you have made after New Year?


5 thoughts on “T5W Top 5 Goals for 2017

  1. A Harry Potter marathon is always a great excuse for anything 😛 My friend hasn’t seen the last two, not because she doesn’t want to, but because she doesn’t own them and nobody will watch them with her in her house. I’m bad at planning too haha, you’re not alone. What’re your fanfictions about? Oh wait.. anime or manga right? I’ve actually been using the ‘Bed-time’ section on my iphone’s alarm and it’s woken me up on time and told me to go to bed on time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes my fanfictions are about an anime called Naruto. And I am always in for a Harry Potter marathon. We are planning to do a ‘Disney Princesses’- marathon next 😛
      And I don’t have a iPhone (I do wish I have one…), but there might be an app for it as well.

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