The Beauty And The Beast Book Tag

Hello Readers!

I’m here today with a book tag. I was tagged by Savannah from The Book Prophet, so thank you for tagging me. This tag was originally created by Bookfandom1001.

I am so excited for the movie that is coming out in March, but I think I am not the only one. Emma Watson will play Belle, who is perfect for the role.

And before I start with the tag, I want to thank you guys. This week I got a notification from WordPress that I have reached 100 followers! That made me so happy, it really did. I am having so much fun doing this and I have met people (online) I consider as friends. So thank you 100.000 times from the bottom of my heart!

Okay I’m done with the sappy stuff.

So let’s get started with the tag!


Belle: Someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for someone they love?

Jest from Heartless. And I am not going to say anything about it. Because Spoilers!

Beast: A good character development?

Emma from Emma by Jane Austen. At the beginning of the book Emma isn’t a character you would love, but as the story goes on and Emma experiences things, she will grow and she will learn that she isn’t always right and her opinion shouldn’t always be spoken, if it will hurt someone or maybe the way she says things.

Lumiere: A character that gives good relationship advice?

I don’t know anyone who can fit this description.

Cogsworth: A loyal character (a person you can trust)?

Lucien from A Court Of Thorns And Roses. He is very loyal to Tamlin. The things he does for the sake of Tamlin but still dares to talk back when he doesn’t agree with something Tamlin said.

Mrs. Potts: A mothering character (a character that you would want as a mom)?

So I am not going for the standard answer here, which would be Molly Weasley. Everyone would love to have her as their mother. So I am going for another great mother in the Harry Potter series, Narcissa Malfoy. She would do anything for Draco, she even lies to Voldemort for his sake. So yeah, she is a great and loving mother.

Gaston: A character you hate that everybody else loves?

I think everyone hates Gaston, but that aside. The character I hate and others seem to love, which I can’t really understand is Snow from Stealing Snow. Through the whole book, I was constantly annoyed with the things she did and the things she thought.

The Enchantress: A person who put a curse on someone?

This is a really hard one. And I think I am going to go in the same direction as Savannah did and just go for a Harry Potter character. Hermione Granger.

I tag!!

Lia from Lost In A Story

Jasmine from How Useful Is It

Debby from alwaysbooking

Chelsea from romweasley

Brookie from Brookie Crowles

You don’t have to do this tag if you don’t want to, no pressure, this is for fun!


So my question for today: What character does give good love advice?


19 thoughts on “The Beauty And The Beast Book Tag

  1. I love your answer for the mothering character. I never would’ve thought of Narcissa. She did the best she could to protect Draco from the dark forces that were thrown upon him.

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    1. I found someone who thinks the same as me! I can’t stand her either. And I really trying to like this book…
      First I was thinking of reading the second book, but I am going to give up on this series. Will you be continuing?

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      1. No. I haven’t even managed to finish the first one. I really wanted to like it too. I was very excited for it. I even requested it on NetGalley and they gave it to me, but I just couldn’t finish it. Snow is just so insufferable and I swear if I have to read about her falling for yet ANOTHER guy, I will stab myself with a fork.

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      2. Haha yes me too! I forced myself to finish it, but I should have DNFed it. I could stand the romance either. If you really love a guy that much, why would you fall in love with two more boys?

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      3. It’s still on my “currently reading” shelf. I don’t like not finishing books. So I’ll keep trying for a while longer. I’m almost through with it. But yeah, I mean, it’s not even a love triangle anymore. It’s a… geometry problem.

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  2. Congratulations on getting 100 followers I loved your answers I will definitely have to check out Emma by Jane Austen sounds interesting every beauty and the beast fandom hate Gaston but in the film everyone in the town loves him and want to be rather with him or be him apart from Belle how hates/ dislikes him.

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  3. Thanks for the tag! I love the beauty and the beast, however it’s been a very long time since I watched the movie.. I can’t think of any character that gives good love advice either, maybe the queen from Wucaii by Pembroke Sinclair, which I just finished. I think her advice was quite good…?

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