Fill-Me-In Fridays

Fill-Me-In Fridays: Illnesses

Hello Readers!

For today we are going to talk about books that surround around illnesses. Fill-Me-In Fridays is created by Claudia from A Daily Cloud, and this is the second month this Goodreads group is active. So here we go!

What was the last book you read relating to this topic?

I think Jessica Lost Her Wobble can fit here, I can’t remember that well though if Jessie is diagnosed with depression, but she does show signs of a depression. I really loved this book, it was really great and if you would like to read a book about a character who is struggling in life but finally learns to enjoy it again, this is a book for you.

What is the next book you think you’ll read relating to this topic?

I have no idea… I really don’t. I would like to read Made You Up, which is about schizophrenia, but it depends if I am going to read it on the outcomes of the poll for the May book for the Read, Set, READ! Bookclub. So I’m hoping that one wins.

What is the best book you’ve read relating to this topic?

Than that would probably be the book I had to read for college, which contains information about several mental illnesses and of course the other books for physical illnesses.

What is the worst book you’ve read relating to this topic?

Stealing Snow, at the beginning of the book you are in a Psychiatric. And I didn’t like that place (or the rest of the book for that matter).

What is your favorite cover of a book relating to this topic?

Definitions of Indefinable Things

It is always hard to pick one book. So I am going to pick one which I am also excited to read. And the cover is blue, which is my favorite color.

What book, that focuses on a physical illness, is your favorite?


3 thoughts on “Fill-Me-In Fridays: Illnesses

  1. I’m currently reading The Radium Girls, and it’s about a radium poisoning scandal back in the 1920s. Horrible radiation poisoning disease and fighting for workers’ (and mostly women workers’) rights. It’s great and I can’t believe such a thing has happened in history, and so recently. I’m also having the author over for an interview on my blog! So excited about that. It’s a tough topic and the book is incredibly interesting.
    And I haven’t actually heard of the books you’re mentioning 🙂
    I have also got back my old book about a polio victim precisely today! Also recommended, “Zaremba: love and the rule of law”, won it as an ARC years ago and loved it.

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