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Birthday Post: 22 Random Facts About Me!

Hello Readers!

Today is my birthday!! Happy birthday to me, I turn 22 years old. So as celebration of my birthday, I am going to tell you 22 random facts about me. So let’s get started!

  1. I am 165cm tall and I am the smallest at home. Usually I am teased for being the smallest, but I make jokes about it myself as well.
  2. My parents are divorced and I have no contact with my father anymore.
  3. I used to be an iPhone user, then I bought a Samsung, but now I would like to go back to the iPhone again. But they are sooo expensive!!
  4. I prefer walking over biking and the bus over the train.
  5. Don’t give me flowers, I love them, they are beautiful, but they will die in my hands. I forget to give them water, so whenever I get plants or flowers as a present I put them downstairs, so that my mother can keep them alive.
  6. I love sleeping in, my perfect wake up time is 10 am.
  7. I love eating pasta and rice. My favorite food is sushi.
  8. I used to do ballet and I really enjoyed it, but then the class got too big and I quitted.
  9. My favorite Disney princesses are: Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Elsa and Moana.
  10. I am terrified of the dentist, heights and spiders. As a child I was afraid of the dark as well.
  11. I love wearing dresses and skirts, but jeans are easy and comfortable.
  12. I still own my very first doll, which I got for my 3th birthday and I got it from my grandparents.
  13. I have pretty small feet, they are kid’s size. In the Netherlands I got size 35 (I don’t know what it is in other countries).
  14. My mother is my biggest hero.
  15. I love baking and that is also the perfect time to listen to audiobooks.
  16. My favorite animals are pandas and meerkats.
  17. I am a lazy person…
  18. Last Friday I cut my hair short, but getting back to 17 I am too lazy to make a selfie, and I am horrible at taking selfies.
  19. I am a mood eater. When I am stress, feeling alone or bored, I will eat. Candy!
  20. I have never been to the Anne Frank house, but I really want to go there someday.
  21. I got my driver’s license in one try.
  22. In the morning I need coffee to wake up, otherwise I can not function.

So here are my random facts. Every time I try these kind of things, it is so hard to think of interesting facts about myself. I had help for these.

What is an interesting fact about you?


12 thoughts on “Birthday Post: 22 Random Facts About Me!

  1. I’m so terrified of heights it’s not even funny. I’m scared of clowns and dolls as well… once I even ‘accidentally’ threw away my american girl doll because I got so creeped out by it. I love baking as well but don’t do it nearly enough. I need my cup of coffee in the morning as well or I’m a zombie for the entire day (and I’ve heard I’m cranky as well). Happy Birthday (again)!

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    1. Haha! At the moment I am better than I was before when I had to get up in the morning. At first you absolutely shouldn’t talk to me or I would stay mad at you for the rest of the day XD

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  2. Happy Birthday Debbie! Those are some interesting facts!! I sleep until 10AM too! haha.. that’s my Saturday and Sunday haha.. Too many people around me like Samsung, I’m glad you like iPhone because I am an iPhone user. Dresses is really comfortable.. don’t worry about matching 🙂 Lazy doesn’t go with baking so I don’t think you are lazy then.. hehe.. Hope your day was wonderful!

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