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T5W Summer Reads

Hello Readers!

Top 5 Wednesday is created by Lainey from GingerReadsLainey and is now hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes.

So, to start this post, I am going to say, that I am not a season reader. I don’t like particular books in a certain season. But when I think of summer I think of contemporary books. So this list will probably consist of mostly contemporary books, which is weird since I don’t read them that much 😛

The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

I can imagine myself reading this book in one day, while I’ll be lying in the sun in my backyard or on the beach, and I also think this book is great for that setting (just don’t forget to use sun crème, otherwise not only your eyes will be red).

Jessica Lost Her Wobble by J, Schlenker  

I really enjoyed reading Jessica Lost Her Wobble and it was a different book then the once I had read before this one. Because there is no school in the Summer, I think it would also be a great time to try out something you haven’t dared picking up, since then you have more time on your hands as usual (at least I have more time).

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

I think you should just read this book, doesn’t matter if it is Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Read it.

Anne of Green Gables L.M. Montgomery

I adored this book, I really did. And it always gave me a summer-ish feeling whenever I was reading it that is why I put it on this list.

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

I tend to want to reread the Harry Potter series every time it is Summer, then I also have the time to binge read the series, so I think that is why I mostly read them during the Summer.

What book would you like to read this Summer?


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