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T5W Fandoms You Are No Longer In

Hello Readers!

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So today we are going to talk about the fandoms I am no longer in. Mostly whenever I am really into a fandom, I will look up fanfiction an read that, and that is my only participation in them. Just because I am no longer in those fandoms doesn’t mean that I am not interested in them anymore or that I don’t love the series anymore. Also the majority of this list will be anime, because I was really into that the years I wasn’t reading.


Oh, Twilight, you have so much problems even though I loved reading them. I started reading the Twilight series when the third movie was coming out. And to honest, I really loved them. I loved the wolves more than the vampires and I still agree with that. But the last book and the last movie just kind of ruined it for me, I have been pretending those never happened. But now after five or more years I have no desire to read any fanfiction about it or read the books, maybe one day, but not now.

Inazuma Eleven

I got into this anime because my friend was watching it, and after I got into to the first few epsiodes I loved it to death. There are two parts to this anime. The first one is with one set of characters and the second one is with another set of characters where the characters from the first one were 10 years older. I watched the second one together with my friend, and I think that also made me love it more, because I was sharing the experience together with one of my best friends. Now the anime has been done for several years, so there isn’t any new content to feed our love for it. I am planning on re-watching it some time.

Fairy Tail

My love for Fairy Tail and my desire to read fanfiction has been on and off, whenever I am watching the episodes I love reading fanfictions and that would be all I do on a day. But as of right now I am not watching, I do have to catch up on it. So we will see if I will return to that fandom.

Shugo Chara

I watched this together with the same friend I watched Inazuma Eleven with and I loved it. I can still remember in the summer period that she would continue watching while I was on vacation with my family, and when I got home and I opened my messenger (I believe it was called that, the other Skype :P) I had to restart my laptop because it couldn’t handle the spam she had sent me! We really laughed very hard about it afterwards and we still can. But after we were done watching it complete series, we moved on to the next one.

Vampire Knight

I watched this together with my sister and later on together with my friend (I am seeing trend here) and it is the same as with the others. That is how simple I am.

What is the fandom you are no longer in?


15 thoughts on “T5W Fandoms You Are No Longer In

      1. I really like it! It’s dark and the main guy is such a psychopath it’s very interesting though I haven’t made it all that far yet cause I’ve gotten obsessed with asian dramas lol

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      2. Lol! That was also what pulled me to it. Do you already have a favorite character or do you need to watch more episodes to pick? Any good asian drama recommendations?

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      3. I’d have to say L although I haven’t seen much from him yet.
        If you like dramas run by strong female leads I would recommend Hello, My Twenties (which also goes by Age of Youth). It was my first drama and it’s both mysterious/suspenseful and will make you laugh a lot. I also recommend Boys Over Flowers and Good Morning Call (which is more on the cheesy side but HILARIOUS).

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  1. I relate so much! Twilight, Fairy Tale, and Shugo Chara haha! I loved Shugo Chara, to the point I did the little characters as part of my My Anime List site for organisation. But I lost interest. Same with Fairy Tale.

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  2. The fandom I recently left was the Attack on Titan fandom. After reading the manga, I lost my interest in the story. Also, the fans online in the fandom scare me…a lot.

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    1. I have also sort of left the fandom. I haven’t read the manga recently, but I am still interested. Also with the anime, I haven’t watched the new season yet, even though they are finished airing it. The fans scare me as well 😛


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