Wrap Up and TBR

Series Summer 2017 TBR

Hello Readers!

It is officially Summer in the Netherlands (the official date was June 21th). And my Summer break start next week. So I will post my Summer TBR today and my Series Summer TBR.

Jacqueline from Jbooklover has done Series Summer last Summer and she is doing it again this Summer, and I will be participating in it as well. Since I have so many series I own but haven’t started or finished, this is the perfect opportunity to read some series. I will be trying to finish this TBR from July 1st till August 27th.

Read popular series that you have never read before


Read unpopular or underrated series


Read a series that you have had on your TBR shelf (physical, electronic, AND/OR Goodreads “to be read” shelf) for over a year


Read a series in which the final book just came out or will be coming out Summer 2017


Reread a series
I am not really planning on rereading a whole series, since I have so many more I want to read which I haven’t read before. And the only possibility would be Harry Potter. So I have come up with the idea to reread Harry Potter but then in the Illustrated editions which I own. And I am still doubting if I will buy the second one before the summer.


Read a duology


Read a series that you started but never completed


Are you participating in Series Summer? Which series are you planning to read this summer?


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