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Hello Readers!

How are you doing today? Today I am coming to you with some excited news, which you can also see in the title of this post. I have started my own Booktube channel. It was one of the new goals I had set for myself for the last months of 2017, because I will be having more time to do it and because I ever since I found out about Booktube, I have wanted to create my own channel with content.

So I did it, my channel almost two weeks old and I am really enjoying my time on there. I am trying to make different content related to books than I make here, so it won’t just be a copy of it in video format. And I am planning on doing vlogs on their more often. If you are interested, it would mean a lot to me if you would check it out.

But I also want to make things clear when it comes to my blog, even though I don’t really expect questions on it, I still would like to talk about it. I will still continuing my blog. And in honor of my Youtube channel and my one year anniversary coming up at the end of this month, I am going to try to post a blog every day. And aside from those blog posts I will be doing my reviews, so there will be days I will be posting two posts. I have it all planned out and I am really excited to challenge myself when it comes to blogging.

So have you ever considered starting your own Youtube channel? Do you have a Youtube channel? And what kind of blogs do you like to read/what kind of videos do you like to watch?


9 thoughts on “YouTube Channel

      1. It’s really good! It’s a little too hot though, it’s been over 35 degrees for a week now and it’s killing me. Hopefully today is the last day 😅

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