Teagan of Tomorrow by Jaime Lee Mann *Spoiler Free* Review

*I was provided with a e-book of this book by the publisher via NetGalley, but my review is all my own opinion and thoughts* 

Teagan of Tomorrow (Legend of Rhyme, #3)


Middle Grade, Fantasy, Adventure and Time Travel


“The powerful sorcerer Asgall has been banished from the magic realm of Coraira, but not before throwing twins Asher and Ariana Caine into the future. In a place and time without magic, the two are on their own, unable to use their powers to get back home. 

Meanwhile, a new darkness has entered Coraira, threatening all of the world’s magic and all of those who practice it. Only the combined power of Asher, Ariana, and a mysterious girl named Teagan can protect the realms.

Will the twins find Teagan in time?
Could this new darkness strangle all of the world’s light?
What if the twins never get back to the people and place they love?”


Ariana: I am still not really into her. To me she seems just too perfect, she doesn’t really has a flaw which stands out in the series. Though I would say, that she trusts everyone too easily. I did come to dislike her just a bit less than in the previous books, because she does have to find her way in a place out of her comfort zone.

Asher: I still enjoy Asher’s character, unlike his sister, he is wary of strangers and new situations which can be solved to easily.

Teagan: In this book we are introduced to her, she is thrown in this world she is only familiar with through stories. She doesn’t like own life and the way it is explained, I wouldn’t enjoy that life as well.


The world keeps expending and everything that happened in the previous books are also related to thing which happen in this book. I really enjoy that aspect that the series is just one big story and not smaller stories in the same world with the same characters. And as I said in my review of Into Coraira, Jaime Lee Mann’s writing just keeps getting better and enjoyable, and now even time traveling is involved.


Just like the previous books, this installment also ends on a cliffhanger. Which makes you want to continue on to the next book the second you finished it.


Again, this installment is better than the last one. Our main characters are provided with a new problem to solve and this time without the help of their family. We see character growth, more expansion of this world and time traveling. In this book we also come to know a new character, who will probably play a bigger part in the next book(s). It was an enjoyable read and at the end you just want to continue on with the next book in this series.


  • Character development
  • Expansion of the world
  • New character
  • Page turner


  • Still special snowflake and chosen one character

Overall rating: 4/5 stars

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