MIAW announcement

Hello Readers!

So I have been absent of every social media lately, which also means I have been absent from blogging. I have just been kind of struggling with myself and eventually all the “work” I put upon myself had started to pill up, which concluded in procrastination.

But I am back now… I think. And I am going to start with a little announcement. From the 1-7 of October it will be the Mental Illness Awareness Week, and in this week I will be posting every day with a post related to books and mental health.

During this week I will also be reading only fiction about mental health. And I would highly encourage you to do that as well and maybe spread the word of MIAW.

Because I have experienced mental health problems myself I have also decided to do a Q&A related to mental health. So you guys can ask me any questions when it comes to my own experience. I am looking forward to the questions. The answer will go up on Thursday next week, so October 5th.

So hit me with your best questions and I will show my TBR for this week on Sunday, so I will talk to you then!


2 thoughts on “MIAW announcement

  1. What were the first signs that you had a mental illness?
    What do you do in order to treat it?

    I’ll need to see if I can find a book or two to read that has mental illness in it, though the last one I read did 🙂


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