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T5W Creepy Setting

Hello Readers!

Here I am with a Top 5 Wednesday post, which feels like I didn’t do one in forever (which I probably true). And this week’s topic is Creepy Settings. I adore creepy settings. I am not good with horror but I love getting scared. So first off I am going to start with settings which aren’t set in a horror game/movie/book and then if I can’t get 5 of those, I will put in some creepy settings from horror games/movies/books.

The forbidden forest in Harry Potter

This is even a very creepy setting in the movies. But I don’t really mind what lives in the forest except the spiders, but the way it is described and the way it feels is creepy. I can’t really explain because it is mostly a feeling.

Salt to The Sea setting

In this setting I was constantly scared that people would did, and I felt constantly anxious because where feeling this as well. And a world or situation you would feel that way is creepy in my opinion. That always have to look over your shoulder feeling.

The Lie Tree setting

I don’t remember much of this book, but all I can remember is that this book was creepy from beginning till end.

Death Note world

Well, this is sort of a creepy horror setting, and I am talking about the anime/manga not the Netflix movie, ughhh… But I love this anime and I would never want to live in it, but it is a creepy world if one person can control lives with a single notebook. Just saying.

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin world

Big ass, naked gaints who eat humans for fun. Do I need to explain more?

Honorable mentions (this are my favorite creepy settings in horror stories):

  • HIgurashi (anime)
  • Madoka Magica (anime)
  • Tokyo Ghoul (manga)
  • Until Dawn (game)
  • Ib (game)
  • Five Nights At Freddy’s (game)

What is your favorite creepy setting, horror or not horror?


2 thoughts on “T5W Creepy Setting

  1. The Forbidden Forest is definitely a creepy setting! With Centaurs, giant spiders, and who knows what in there, I’d be terrified. Ha! I would NOT want to live in a world where Light could control whether I’d die or not.


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