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T5W Problematic Favs

Hello Readers!

After not doing this for a few months (I believe, I am too lazy to count back), I am back with another Top 5 Wednesday list. And this week’s topic is Problematic Favorites, which basically means characters you don’t want to like, but end up liking anyway.



The Darkling from The Grisha Trilogy

Does he count? I mean he is bad guy, who is willing to manipulate everyone in order for his dreams to come true. Though I have only read the first book in this trilogy, I have already take a like in him. And I am very curious to see what will become of him in the next two books.

Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter

I think this will be a popular one for this list, since J.K. Rowling wrote Draco very unlikable and as far as I heard she didn’t intent for him to be as liked as he is. And I can’t help myself but love him.

Books (1).jpg

Light from Death Note

While only everyone, as far as I know, in the Death Note fandom like L. I really like Light and his twisted ways. To be honest I can’t explain why, probably his voice since that is one way I fall in love with anime characters, but I sort of was rooting for Light to whole time.

Fundo from Inazuma Eleven

Fundo main priority is Fundo himself and he would do anything to come out the best. Now to get this clear for the people who don’t know about Inazuma Eleven, in this anime everything turns around soccer/football. I personally don’t care about football in real life, but when The Netherlands play I support them, but I adore it in this anime. And again Fundo’s voice :3

And that is all I can come up with… I needed one more, but I couldn’t find one. The funny thing is, while I was making this list, I kept thinking of characters I love to hate (which was a topic a few weeks back, but I didn’t do it), so I would probably end up making a post for that one as well.

I am curious to hear which is your Problematic Favorite. Maybe I will get some great recommendations out of it, as you can see I am lacking a bit.

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