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T5W Nostalgic Book Boyfriends


Hello Readers!

Today I am coming to you with another Top 5 Wednesday list. And this week’s topic is Nostalgic Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends. So for me it would be boyfriends. So as a younger girl I was easily crushing on boys from books and anime, so this week I can make a complete list with 5. Yay! I will divide them by books and manga, so let list them up. Be prepared to hear some embarrassing and cringing things. I know I will cringe writing this.


Jacob from Twilight

Well the time I was really into Twilight I was a bigger fan of Jacob than Edward. But that didn’t mean that I wanted Bella to end up with him, I wanted to be the one the end up with him XD But overall I liked the shape shifting more than a vampire. If I would have to pick a ‘boyfriend’ from Twilight again, I would go for a more mature guy who is caring and just sweet.

Harry Potter

Who wouldn’t want to be Harry’s girlfriend? I know I did. I wanted to get into Gryffindor and become friends with Harry, Hermione and Ron. I always loved daydreaming, so in my mind I was always writing fanfiction with me as the main character. Now I would gravitate more toward George or Sirius.

Books (1)

Ash from Pokemon

This was in the time I was the little girl who would get up early to watch Pokemon. I grew up watching that, sometimes I still do and I still play the Nintendo games. The idea of traveling with Ash and Pikachu through all the regions really sounds appealing to me, to be honest it still does.

Zero from Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight was one of the first anime I watched and in this anime there are a bunch of swoon worth guys. So basically you have a lot to pick from. So I went with the troubled cool guys. And his voice, in my last Top 5 Wednesday I said I have a thing for voices.

Gray from Fairy Tail

When it came to crushes I would also go for the cool guy (haha pun intended). And when I was watching Fairy Tail, it would be Gray, because he is one of the main characters, so I would always see him when I would be watching an episode.

Who is one of your nostalgic crush?


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