November FairyLoot Unboxing!

Hello Readers!

So this month I got something very exciting (which I of course knew was coming because I ordered it myself) in the mail, even though it came through the door. And that was my first ever bookish subscription box. And that is FairyLoot! Ever since I discovered the book community I have seen a bunch of unboxings. And I really wanted to get one myself.

So here it is!


I picked FairyLoot because it is shipped from the UK, so shipping it to the Netherlands would be much cheaper than getting Owlcrate which is being shipped from USA. But that is of course not the only reason I got it. FairyLoot is YA Fantasy based and that is the genre I read the most and I enjoy the most.


Hermione candle by Flick The Wick. When you have to about Ladies Who Slay, you can’t not include Hermione. The candle is sweet scented, but not to sweet. Lately I have been getting into scented candle, so this is great.

The Mortal Coil pin. This is a bonus item, I have seen the book on Netgalley, but I don’t know if I am interested enough to pick it up. But still I can use the pin on its own, since it looks like DNA and the title is very small on it.

Hunger Games patch by Literary Emporium. So I just recently started to read the Hunger Games, I know I am fashionable late to the party. But I do like the the phrase which is inspirited by Katniss. I will definitely iron this on a jacket or bag.

Exclusive Blue’s Brew tea by Bookish Tea. It has eatable glitters, do I need to say more? I love tea and this one is inspired by Blue from the Raven Cycle. It smells delicious, but I am not quit sure how it need to use this tea. I normally only use teabags, so I am new to this.

Fight Darkness Sticker by Reverie & Ink. This is a quote from an Ember in the Ashes, which I haven’t read yet. So I couldn’t connect it until I looked it up on the spoiler card. But I like the look of this sticker and once I have read the book and I like it, I will put the sticker somewhere.

Exclusive Slay Book Sleeve by Aunjuli Art. To be honest, when I saw that this was in this box, I knew that I had to get it. I had been wanting to get a book sleeve ever since I knew of there existence and this was a great excuse to get the box. I love the patron on the book sleeve, my only complain is that my ARC doesn’t fit in it XD


So this month there was an ARC in the box. And this was the ARC. I have seen this book around on Netgalley and when I read the blurb on the front I was really interested in it. It is actually a big book, I was expecting a normal UK size paperback, but this one is much bigger. Anyway I am very excited to get to this before it is release. This my first ever physical ARC.


And as last but certainly not least the book of the month. And that is The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli, and in my Youtube video I couldn’t pronounce the title and author for the life of me XD I had see this book somewhere, but I wasn’t really interested in it back then to look it up, but now I know that it is about a kick ass lady and dragons, I am sold. And this month the cover is FairyLoot exclusive and I love the silver color lettering than the original yellow/orange.

Overall I was really happy with what came in this box and I am curious to see if the ARC and book are like and if they are any good. I will also be getting the December box, so stay tuned for that.

If you would like to get you own FairyLoot box I would recommend signing up for the January box since December is sold out and to check when January will be released, because lately they are very quick to sell out.

Have you ever gotten a subscription box, bookish or not? Have you read the book which was in this box and did you like it?

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