Audiobook addiction?!

Hello Readers!

So I think I have an addiction for audiobooks since a few days. Lately I had been thinking about a way to listen to audiobooks, so I don’t have to buy all the books I want to read, so I could save some money in 2018. As you probably know, I live in the Netherlands and it isn’t usual to have a credit card here (at least, I think so). So getting Audible would mean I would first have to get an credit card, which I would have to pay money for, and I wasn’t really too keen on the only getting 1 audiobook a month while you pay $14,95.

So I was a bit discouraged and I was even considering Audible, then I saw an advertisement for Storytel on the tv. I had seen it before, but back then I thought it would only contain Dutch audiobooks. Boy, I was wrong!

So I went to their site and looked at the audiobooks they have and their prizing. And I was in love, sort of… So not only have they Dutch audiobooks, but also English and popular once. And you can read ebooks from them.  The prizing is €9,99 a month, but you can listen to as many audiobooks as you want, it is a streaming website which means that you don’t have to buy the audiobooks you want to listen to!

My mind was blown and I started to 14 days free trail. So in 3 days I have almost 2 audiobooks finished and I am addicted to finding more titles to listen to. So for those of you who don’t work with euros, for the price of 1 paperback I can listen a whole month to audiobooks unlimited (the limit goes as far as the time you can spend listening to books or the amount of audiobooks they have).

This way I can listen to books I already own or I can try put books I have been interested in, and I can do this while for example writing a blog post, converting a YouTube video or making a thumbnail, making Instagram pictures, cleaning my room, etc.

The last few days I have been reading so much more, while also getting more stuff done, so win-win in my opinion. So for those of you who are interested, I have checked out for which countries Storytel is available in: Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, India, Finland and Denmark.

I don’t know how long this addicting will stay, but I don’t mind it. I am reading more books!

What is your opinion on audiobooks? Do you have a subscription somewhere to listen to audiobooks?

6 thoughts on “Audiobook addiction?!

    1. Too bad you can’t get into them. But if they don’t work for you, that is okay :). In the beginning I was only listening to audiobooks because I was able to understand classics better that way.

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