Winter Quater Writing Goals

Hello Readers!

I am going to acknowledge my failure in autumn. Mentally it was a hard time for me and with NaNoWriMo not going the way I wanted it to go, I wasn’t feeling motivated. So these goals will start in January of 2018. A new year, a new start!

So here are the goals I have set for myself.

  • Write 3 short stories
  • Write 12 chapters of The World I Belong In (FanFiction)
  • Finish first draft of Retelling
  • Finish first draft of Novella 1

So with the drafts, I have already started writing those, so it won’t be that difficult to complete them. The Retelling was my NaNoWriMo project and I am already 14.000 words into it. I also have everything planned out for the Novella and I think it won’t become over long, probably around 20.000 words.

So I still have a few days to get ahead of the first drafts I am planning to finish before the end of March 2018.

I hope that next time I will be writing this kind of post, it will be longer. That I would be able to really evaluate my goals, because I actually did them.

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