Reading Blog #1 (15-21 January 2018)

Hello Readers!

And welcome to a new kind of series. I do watch some Booktube videos and I really adore the reading vlogs from haileyinbookland. So since I quit doing Booktube videos, I decided to try this out and see if it would give the same sort of vibe as the reading vlogs.



So this is the first day of me trying this. And I haven’t read that much yet today, I did listen like an hour of the audiobook of Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. So far I am enjoy this book, this is the first book I will be reading by Brandon Sanderson and so far my first impression is good. Other than that my day hasn’t been productive…. I need to work on that, the weather wasn’t helping either. But before going to bed I got a bit more reading in. I read like 20 pages of my physical read, Rebel Of The Sands (so right now I am on page 108), and I listened another half hour of Elantris and now I am 2.45 hours into it.


So today I got a quit bit of a chunk done from my audiobook. Bit this only happened in the evening, the rest of the day was spending time with my mom, we watched Charmed together. We are over half way done with the 7th season, so it won’t be long before we have finished that. Other than that I didn’t do that much during the day. In the evening I started a project which I came up with when I was in bed last night, reorganizing my bookshelf. I only have limited space to place books and ever since I have seen rainbow bookshelves I wanted mine to be like that. But at first I couldn’t do that because there were too many books on my shelves, so last night I decided to get the books I had already read and wasn’t planning on rereading in 2018, to be stored in the space behind a door, where we store all the other stuff which goes in that category (Christmas decorations, old memories from school and toys, etc.) And while doing this I listened to Elantris, so right now I am 4.14 hours in. And before going to bed I read a bit of The Rebel Of The Sands and I listened 15 minutes of Elantris.


So this day I actually didn’t do that much reading or just in general. Yesterday I had gotten great news regarding college, so I slept very well after being nervous about this for a very long time. I mostly just binge watched Girlboss on Netflix. I have already finished that show and I loved it so much! With that I am also really disappointed that Netflix has cancelled the show, so there won’t be a second season…


So today was a really eventful day. In the morning I had my first meeting with my new therapist, who would be doing the EMDR treatment and so far we have located the events which hold the most negative emotions, which we will be using. Overall it was just an intake, for her to get to know the situation and for me to get a vision on what is going to happened the next few appointment and to get to know her. After this I did the laundry and I started sewing, which I haven’t done before. I had seen this video on Youtube where the creator made cacti from vilt and I wanted to try that out. And I really enjoyed doing it. I have done it for like 4 hours straight and it is so calming to just focus on the sewing you are doing and the audiobook you are listening to. I didn’t get them all done (I was making one for my own and one for someone else), but I was really proud of what I had created so far. I think I might have found a new hobby. Because I was so into it, at the end of the day I was 9.10 hours into Elantris.


This is my mom’s day off, so most of the time we spend together catching up on shows we were watching together. But today my mom wasn’t feeling great, so I had to do some chores for which involved a bit of adulting… I had to ship back a two packages, pick up pie we had ordered and get some bread there as well, at home I vacuumed and just take care of my mom in general.  While my mom was resting on the couch I finished up my cacti and got 11.12 hours into Elantris. In the evening I caught up with my mom and the birthday boy (my mom’s partner) on The Blacklist.


Today I went to Eindhoven in the morning with my mom and her partner to return some stuff we bought there last week. I just love going there, there is a beautiful and big bookstore which also sells English books, so that is always a pro. While they were returning stuff, I surrounded myself with books. I didn’t buy anything (I did that in the evening online). After that we went to the Pipoos shop (which sells art stuff) and there I got three Tombow Dual Brush Pens. When I got home, to be honest, all I did was watching Youtube videos. The book I read to and from Eindhoven was The Rook, which was for a book club I am in.


Well today was a very hectic day. Mom’s partner turned 60 a few days ago and we had organized a big party with dinner. I am not really one for big crowds and I am not really able to filter everything I hear, everything comes in at the same intensity (part of the dyslexia). So I was broken at the end of the day, but I did have fun and the food was amazing! But I didn’t do any read at all today.


So as I said this is the first of, hopefully, many to come. Feedback is welcome! If any of you also watch reading vlogs, does this give the same vibe while reading it? I do plan on incorporating pictures in the next post of next week.

6 thoughts on “Reading Blog #1 (15-21 January 2018)

  1. Oooohh I loved this post!!! Definitely write more in the future! I really want to take up crocheting – I feel like I would be very bad at sewing haha – hope the cacti turned out good! Hope your mom is feeling better ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes I said Eindhoven. What a small world. I love the bookstore there Van Piere. I live near Breda, so driving to Eindhoven isn’t that bad, and I’ll get to read in the backseat 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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