Reading Blog

Reading Blog #2 (22-28 January 2018)


So this day I didn’t do that much. Most of the time I spend on the couch trying desperately to finish a book before the end of the afternoon. I needed to do this because that would be the book of the book club I am in, which we would be reviewing in the evening. Spoiler, I didn’t finish it. I am still trying to figure out when I need to start a book for the book club, not too late because then I won’t be able to finish it, and not too early because then I might have forgotten what happened or get stuff mixed up with other books I have read. But the evening was still enjoyable even though I didn’t read that much of the book, and I didn’t get that much spoiled for it. I really enjoy going to the book club, just spending time with people who enjoy reading as well. And we will be discussing a book together and you get to hear everyone’s opinion on the book. I love it! Btw the book was The Rook by Daniel O’ Malley.

Monday (1)

This was a very exciting day for me. I had to enroll myself for a topic for my research and I got the one I wanted! This is done online at 9 am and you really have to be on time for it because someone else might snatch it away from you if you are one second too late. At those moments I just spam the refresh button like crazy and so far it has always worked. After that I got a few hours of relaxation before going to the dentist for another exciting thing. Now I am a coward when it comes to the dentist and usually I hate going there, but this was different. I have never gotten an adult canine, there was this little baby tooth kept in place by a splint (?) because I have had braces. Now would this be refunded completely if I were to replace it with an implant before I turned 23 years old, so I did this and this day would be my last appointment and the final product would be installed into my mouth. And it looks amazing! I am so happy I did it, it looks like a normal tooth and my day couldn’t get any better. The rest of the day I watch some shows with my mom to catch up on and some Charmed.

Monday (6)

So today I went to a sort of convention where you can by books for pretty cheap. This is my 4th year going and I do have to say that it is getting less and less interesting to go. Last year I had decided to not go next year. But since friends were going, I decided to tag along for the fun. And it was a lot of fun, I traveled with one of my best friend to Rotterdam Zuidplein and there we went to another friend who has a home near Ahoy. I bought 6 books for just over 20 euros, so that was a pretty good deal. We stayed for dinner and then we traveled back home. I love spending time with friends, usually then I tend to forget anything that is causing me stress. Here is a photo of all the books I got this week. In the month of January I did great with not buying anything, until the last week.


So this week was a pretty uneventful week, and I wasn’t really doing that much, so there wouldn’t be much more for me to talk about. Oh and just a ‘warning’ for this series, most of the pictures I take are of my cat Momo so he will appear a lot in these posts.

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