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Reading Blog #3 (29 January – 4 February)



Today I didn’t do that much. Most of the day was spend on the couch watching Youtube videos (lately I have been really loving the GTLive streams, especially the Kindergarten series) and watching Anne with an E on Netflix.

Monday (1)

Today was a day full of chores, which I didn’t really mind because while doing my chores I can listen to an audiobook. And I because of that I was able to finish the City of Bones audiobook. So far I haven’t read anything by Cassandra Clare before and I have avoided spoilers for the series so far. I enjoyed the first book, the ending was surprising for me, so that is a pro and I am curious to see how the story will continue in the next few books. I also started working on my February spreads in my Bullet Journal.


Monday (2)

This was my first day in school in over half a year, so you can imagine that I was pretty nervous. I was that nervous I have seen every hour of the night. When I was in the building it felt weird and good to be there. I went to college with a pretty good feeling, but that became less and less with the hours into the day. But that is normal for me, on the first day they throw everything at you, you have to deal with the next couple of months. And let me tell you, the effect won’t be less when you hear this for the second time.

Monday (3)

The feeling from yesterday still isn’t gone, it might even have become worse. I need to make an appointment with the teacher who will guide me the next few months and the teacher who has provided the topic for my thesis since it is a research which is based on practice, so it must be provided by other people, so it won’t collect dust after it is finished. So I did that and I continued my Bullet Journal spreads. Because I am back in college I have been thinking about a weekly or daily spread which will be useful for me to plan my day and to make sure that I get stuff done. So I worked on that and I made something which might help. So I will be testing that our next week.


Monday (4)

In the morning I went to my grandparents with my mom. My grandma hasn’t been feeling well for over a week and she is finally feeling a bit better, which is great. But now my grandpa also started to feel a bit under the weather, so my mom and I went grocery shopping for them. I always love going to my grandparents, I almost see them weekly and I just love them. They have played a big and important part in my life, certainly when my family needed it the most. So I am very grateful for them. The rest of the day I spend watching the last episode of Over Mijn Lijk (Over My Body), which follows a group of people who have cancer and got the news that doctor can’t treat their cancer anymore only extent the time they have left. I cried, like usually when I watch this program. In the night I finished reading Rebel of the Sands, which I enjoyed.

Monday (5)

In the morning we went to my favorite bookstore and I bought two books there. The last two books in the Rebel of the Sands trilogy. When I got back home I spend the afternoon searching for a job. I have filled in two job requests and I am hoping to get an answer pretty soon. In the evening I went to a friend’s home where we watched a Barbie film, Fairytopia. I can’t really remember why we decided to do it, but I believe it started out as a joke and in the end we just did it. I enjoy watching films with friends and certainly this kind of films, because they hold nostalgia to us and we like to joke about everything in the movie.


Monday (6)

I slept in and got up around 11 am. In the afternoon I spent most of my time in my room, working on preparation for my thesis and ordering the Fairyloot March box, which was hell. Normally I would have gotten the box within 20 minutes, but now it took me 1,5 hours to get it. At least I got one that is all that matters. Once I can afford a subscription to Fairyloot I will definitely get one. I also did some catching up on my Bullet Journal speads, for the month of February I will be filling in a page dedicated to Self Love, so every day I will write something about myself which I love. And I will also be checking my expenses, since I am planning on getting a job and I think it will hold me accountable for spending money. I also planned out my Monday. And for the rest of the day, I spent watching Youtube videos.

So this was a pretty good week compared to last week. I finished reading 2 books: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. And I finished a manga which I completed to same day as Rebel of the Sands, which was Ouran High School Host Club 6.

2 thoughts on “Reading Blog #3 (29 January – 4 February)

  1. Eventful! Yay for finishing books! I need to get on with reading the one I started last week…

    I love that month page for Feb! It also reminds me I need to do my Feb layout. A week late, but still… I’ll hopefully have time to do it tonight while I watch Critical Role. (That is my newest YouTube obsession! It’s SO GOOD. Especially as a writer, honestly.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is a great thing about Bullet Journalling, you can pick it up whenever you need to, even tough you are a week late and still active use it for the rest of the month. I will definitely check Critical Role out, since I would love to be a writer.

      Liked by 1 person

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