2018 Goals

Hello Readers!

I know I am (very) late with these New Year goals, but I am still going to put them out. The past few weeks have been involved with a bunch of stress related to college. Which I restarted this month and I am pretty stressed out about it. But I think it is nothing I can’t handle.

So I am going to divide my goals between: personal, blogging, reading and writing.


  • A day a week dedicated to self-care. Because I will be starting college again, it is very easy for me to put that before myself, I have done this all the time before. So I will dedicate one day a week so I won’t forget myself.
  • Have a productive day with a relaxing evening. Normally I get very productive in the evening, while the rest of the day I won’t do anything more than watching Youtube videos. And that is actually not how I want to spend my day, I would like to switch those around.


  • Get 500 followers on my blog. I am not really someone who keeps track of my following, sure I like it when I get more followers, but I do not aim to get very popular, I really would like to get rather friends than followers. But still like I said, I like seeing growth in my blog. And I hope that energy I am planning to put in it, to see results of that. Which brings me to the next goal.
  • Putting up a blog post from Monday to Friday. I really would like to have things posted more regular on my blog and since I have stopped Youtube, I have more time. Also I like putting up stuff, so I want to do that more 🙂
  • Spend more time on WordPress and other blogs. The time I spend useless on Youtube, I can spend on other blogs and communicating with other boggers.
  • One review a week. I read most of the time 3-4 books a week. I don’t always have much to say about some books, but there must be at least one book I can write a review about.
  • One writing post on writing a week. I really would like to do more writing on my blog, so far it has only been Quarter Writing Goals, but now I would also like to share my writing.


  • Put Goodreads goal at 1 book. I don’t want to stress about the books I will be reading in 2018 and at the end of year I don’t want to stress about making my goal. This year is already going to be stressful enough without this.
  • Get Netgalley Feedback Ratio at 80% and keep it there. I have the tendency to keep requesting more on Netgalley and not reading the older ebooks I have gotten. So once I am at the 80% I will only request two ebooks at the time, to not overflow myself and I do hope to get to 100% at the end of the year, so I can start the next year fresh.
  • Include manga in my reading.
  • Get half on my physical TBR down. At the beginning of the year this total was at 135 unread books.
  • Not going with the hype for a book I am not really interested in (I am looking at you Cruel Prince XD). Whenever I am not really interested in a book, the hype gets to me and then I don’t read when I get them and they will just be sitting on my shelves. So this year I am not going to give in to the hype around a book I am not interested in to begin with.
  • Finish 7 series. I have a bunch of series I haven’t read or finished YET. I am hoping to get to them this year. I also would like to catch up with the series I own but haven’t been completed yet. But finishing completed series stand before that.


  • A short story a month. Yes I am taking these from past year. This time I would try to push myself to do this.
  • Finish my first draft for my first novel.
  • Finish the second draft for my first novel.
  • Finish the first draft of two Novellas.
  • Finish the second draft of two Novellas.

Well the rest of these goals speak for themselves.

So these are a bunch of goals. And I am really going to do my best to incorporate them in the busy months which will be coming up.

So what are some of your goals for 2018?

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