Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #1 Favorite Smell

Hello Readers!

So this is my first post of a new series I am going to be doing. Last month I watched all the videos Kasey Golden has posted on her YouTube channel, and on her channel she does a series of Drawing Prompts. I really enjoy that series and it gave me the idea for this series. I will be using the 300 Writing Prompts e-book by Sarah Evans for this series.

I think this will be a great kind of exercise for me to write on a weekly base but also to explore different kind of topics to write about, and putting them in a fictional setting.


My favorite smells are outside after the rain and fresh baked apple pie. So I could use that those two in combination for a product. I don’t really know how I will format these writing prompts. I think I will use the rule of 500 words to work on the prompt.

Process (1)

It has been raining all day long, at the beginning of the day Sarah had placed herself on the couch and she hadn’t really moved from the spot other than getting something to eat or drink for herself. Sarah had been staring outside with her laptop on her legs, she had been feeling so demotivated ever since she had looked outside and saw the rain coming down with buckets at the time. The sky was grey and there seemed to be no break in the dark clouds.

While Sarah was looking outside, she came up with an idea to make herself feel better. A few days ago she had bought an apple pie mix, back then she really was hungry and when she saw the mix she really wanted to eat some apple pie. She had bought all the ingredients for herself but when she had come home, it was already too late to start baking. So to bake the pie on a day like this seemed to be a wonderful idea.

She moved from her spot on the couch and picked out the ingredients from the fridge. Before she started baking she walked over to the radio and turned it on to her favorite music station. After 1,5 hours of singing along to the music, cutting apples and making the pie, her work was done. She placed the pie in the oven and did the dishes. When she was done doing the dishes she looked at the oven, she could already smell the apples. The timer said that there was 60 minutes left until the apple pie would be done.

Sarah moved back to the couch, but when she returned there she saw that her spot was already taken. Her cat had taken her place and was watching at her right now with sleepy eyes. It was like he was mocking her, she just laughed and seated herself next to him, patting his head. She resorted back to the thing she had been doing all day, only at the moment her mood was much better than at the beginning of the day.

After 20 minutes Sarah got a text from her mom asking what she was doing. And she told her that she had baked an apple pie and that she would stop by once the pie is done. Sarah knew that her mother would love to get a piece of her pie, like she always wanted one when she would bake at home.

Once the apple pie was done, she packed it in. But not before the smell of the fresh and still warm baked apple pie is memorized. She could smell the apples so good and with a slight hint of cinnamon. The most wonderful smell in the world which makes you so hungry.

With her warm winter coat on and an umbrella in her hand, Sarah moved into the outside world. It was still raining, but not as bad as before. Sarah always enjoys walking outside and her mother doesn’t live that far away from her, so she had decided to walk to her mother. After she had walked a few blocks, the sun suddenly came through the clouds and the rain just stopped. When Sarah looked up to the sky there was only blue and she could smell the wet tree and nature.

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