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Writing Prompt #2 Favorite Emotion

Hello Readers!

So here is the second Writing Prompt. I do have to say that I do enjoy these, because the prompts are so personal and I have to be creative with how I incorporate those prompts into a fictional setting.


My favorite emotions to write about are sad or fear. I don’t know why, but I love describing them. But my overall favorite emotion is Joy or Hope, so I am going to use those to write a scene. Only I don’t know the setting I want to do this prompt in. The last one was contemporary, so I think I will go with Fantasy right now.

Process (1)

Grenora was flying at full speed towards the scream she heard. Her master was in trouble, she could hear it, and she could feel it. Fear was gripping Grenora at her trout, which wasn’t very useful if she would have to protect her master from danger. Then she wouldn’t be able to breathe fire. She was zigzagging through the woods following her instincts. It is a good thing that her instincts always lead towards her master, after all the have a bond.

When Grenora arrived at the scene, she saw that her master was held down by several people and there was a man standing above her with a sword aiming for her chest. They were planning on killing her master. Grenora had to be careful not to burn her master, but she collected fire into her checks and blow it out towards the man with the sword. He was caught by surprise and yelled out of pain when the fire hit his back. The other people looked up to see Grenora standing there, ready to spit fire towards them.

They had feared looks on their faces and ran towards the man, who was apparently their leader. But still they kept their eyes on Grenora, in the hope that she wouldn’t burn them as well. They got a hold of his burned body and ran away, actually what she wanted. She was glad that they went away, she had always hated hurting other people event though it was to protect her master. And they can spread the word of her master.

Grenora let out a sigh of relieve and walked over to her master. Her master was still lying still on the ground staring at the sky. Grenora nudged her nose again her master, the get her attention. When her master looked up at her, joy washed over Grenora’s body, her heart was pointing happily in her chest and her body had become warm with the joy that her master was alright.

“You did wonderful, Grenora. Such a good dragon. The whole world would have been lost without me, even though I am only wanted for the power I hold and I don’t even know how to control it.” Her master started to pet Grenora’s nose. She had grabbed a soft hold on her snout and staring into her eyes.

Through the bond Grenora could feel her master calming down and also feeling gratitude towards her. Grenora would always be there for her, she would always protect her master no matter what. And unlike her master, Grenora had hope. She knew that her master is stronger than she believed and people see that, they believe in that.

Grenora nudged her master again, hoping to get her to cheer up. She hated seeing her master so down like that. “I know, we are on our way to find a teacher. I would be able to control my power soon and I will bring peace to the world. I am their only hope.”


So that was the second prompt. What are your thoughts on it? And if you would like me to do a specific setting or genre, you can also let me know.

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