Where The Stars Rise by Lucas K. Law *Spoiler Free Review*

*I was provided with a eARC of this book by the publisher via NetGalley, but my review is all my own opinion and thoughts* 

(Titel) (11)


Follow twenty-three science fiction and fantasy authors on their journeys through Asia and beyond. Stories that explore magic and science. Stories about love, revenge, and choices. Stories that challenge ideas about race, belonging, and politics. Stories about where we come from and where we are going.

Each wrestling between ghostly pasts and uncertain future. Each trying to find a voice in history.

Orphans and drug-smuggling in deep space. Mechanical arms in steampunk Vancouver. Djinns and espionage in futuristic Istanbul. Humanoid robot in steamy Kerala. Monsters in the jungles of Cebu. Historic time travel in Gyeongbok Palace. A rocket launch in post-apocalyptic Tokyo. A drunken ghost in Song Dynasty China. A displaced refugee skating on an ice planet. And much more.

Embrace them as you take on their journeys. And don’t look back . . .”

The format for this review is going to different than before. Because this book has multiple stories in it. All the short stories in this book are Science Fiction.

Spirit of Wine by Tony Pi


It was a funny story to read. Two guys need to fight again the Spirit of Wine to become sober, to take an important exam in the morning. It was an enjoyable concept, but the pacing felt a bit of to me. The beginning was pretty slow and the ending seemed rushed. Also this would not be a story I would pick up on my own.

The dataSultan of Streets and Stars by Jeremy Szal


This was an interesting story to read. From beginning to end, I was invested into the story which features aliens and family. I really liked the writing style and the world building we got in this short story and to be honest, I kind of want more of this story.

Weaving Silk by Amanda Sun


This story took place in Japan, and basically it shows two orphan girls trying to survive after a natural disaster happened. Overall there was more narration in this story than conversation, but that did explain the situation which was going on and the motives of our main character. I liked the use of Japanese words in here (which I was able to understand), but there was also an explanation to the word for people who couldn’t understand it.

Vanilla Rice by Angela Yuriko Smith


What would you do if you could alter the appearance of your unborn child? This is possible in the world of this story and it seems like a normal thing to do, only it comes with risks. This story was shorter than the rest but had as much if more impact with its underlying moral.

Looking Up by S.B. Divya


There are a lot of things happening in this story and I personally think, that it all happens too fast, or there was too much to spend more time on. I also personally think that the issue between the sisters was solved too quickly.

A Star Is Born by Miki Dare


This is a story about an old Asian lady how is able to time travel while she sleeps. While she is time traveling she can only see her ‘other’ selves. The once in another dimension. At the beginning I was very lost, I was assuming what I was reading and the ending confirmed it for me. I liked this story.

My Left Hand by Ruhan Zhao


This story involves both fortune telling and science. Furthermore it plays with the dimensions. More than that, I will not say. I did enjoy this, it was short but quick.

DNR by Gabriella Lee


It was a bit hard for me to get into this story and to get a grip on what was actually happening, but that might also be because there were so many background noises distracting me.

A Visitation for the Spirit Festival by Diana Xin


A mom decided to visit her daughter in China. I loved the family feeling in this and that you were watching through the mom’s eyes and an outsider.

Rose’s Arm by Calvin D. Jim


This story was actually amazing. In this world poor people pay with their body, they sell their eyes for cash. It is gruesome but it also shows how far a father’s love will go. I would love to see more of this world. I think it would make a great setting.

Back to Myan by Regina Kanyu Wang


There was not much happening in this story. It was more of a history lesson to me, which I don’t mind because the world interested me. But I would have liked it if there was a plot to the story.

Meridan by Karin Lowachee


This story was well thought out and had a good pacing. I was engrossed from beginning till the end and I actually would love to read more about the main character and the world.

Joseon Fringe by Pamela Q. Fernandes


I quitted reading this because I didn’t understand anything I was reading.

Summary (4)

As far as I read I enjoyed reading some short stories, it was either hit or miss for me. And after a few months, I just couldn’t find the energy to continue reading the short stories. It felt more as a chore continuing than for enjoyment. So I quitted reading at 55% into it, not that I didn’t like it but more that I had more interested in other books I had to get to and like I said this felt more as a chore. But I would still recommend this book if you enjoy short stories and you enjoy Science Fiction.

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