Top 5 Wednesday

T5W Auto-Buy SciFi and Fantasy Author

Hello Readers!

So today I am doing the Top 5 Wednesday post I was supposed to do yesterday, but I had my Birthday Post planned, so I am doing this one today. I don’t think I have that many auto-buy authors, but I will see how far I will come.

Victoria Schwab

Even though I have only read a duology by her, I know that I love her writing style and I know that she will be one of my favorite authors. I have bought the first books in all her series and I am planning to read them all and buy all the books she will come out with.

Rick Riordan

I love everything Rick Riordan writes. I love the Percy Jackson series and I adore the Heroes of Olympus series, with that I know that I will love the Apollo series as well since he is my favorite god.

Kristen Martin

I have been following Kristen Martin on YouTube for a while and I enjoyed her debut novel the Alpha Drive, now she does have more books out and I plan to buy all of them and read all of them. The only reason I am not buying her books yet is, because I am saving money so I can order signed copies of her website.

Vivien Reis

I have been loving Vivien Reis’ channel on YouTube for years and she recently came out with her debut novel The Elysian Prophecy, and with this I am also waiting until I have the money to buy a signed copy of her book.

So those were all the author I could come up with, but here are some predictions:

  • Leigh Bardugo
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Anna Vera
  • Stephen King
  • Amanda Foody
  • Tomi Adeyemi

Who are your auto-buy scifi and fantasy authors?

So here is something new, an affiliate link from Book Depository. I will be putting this in every post of mine from now on. Don’t feel pressured to use it, but it does help out my blog. If you use the link, I will get a commission of 5% and there will be no extra costs for you. This is the link you can use:

7 thoughts on “T5W Auto-Buy SciFi and Fantasy Author

  1. My #1 is definitely Joe Hill. 🙂 He falls more into horror, but definitely treads in sci-fi/fantasy as well. I still have some works of his I haven’t read, but I will definitely buy anything and everything he releases in the future. I’ve only read one book by Victoria Schwab and I liked it, but I’ve yet to read more by her. I’ve gotta pick some more up.

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