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T5W Ideal Mash Ups

Hello Readers!

It is already Wednesday, really the weeks just fly by. I am trying to get back into doing these regular since I really enjoy them. So let’s start with these mash ups, I do think that I have to think about these for a while. I am curious what I will come up with.

Furthermore meets Harry Potter

These are two fantasy world I adore and I love the settings of. So I would be very curious to see those two combined. And then in my vision the world of Furthermore in a Hogwarts setting. That would be amazing.

The Last of Us meets Until Dawn

What I really like about The Last of Us is the characters, they pull the story forward and they make this game so unforgettable. And what I like about Until Dawn is the fact that your choice the decisions the characters make, and I would like that aspect in The Last of Us. And of course the suspense in Until Dawn is amazing.

Pokemon meets Harry Potter

I don’t know why, but this seems so appealing to me.

Anne of Green Gables meets Percy Jackson

Somehow I do feel like those would make a great match, don’t ask me why. And I also don’t know how it will take form, but I think it might awesome because they are both favorites of mine.

The Blacklist meets Percy Jackson

Crime solving with mythology thrown into the mix, I think that would be awesome!

So that was really hard to do. With the last three thing I just threw things I love together with the idea they might work other. What is one of your ideal mash ups?

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7 thoughts on “T5W Ideal Mash Ups

  1. I can definitely see Pokemon and Harry Potter as a cool mashup! Like, the students in Hogwarts would be training to be Pokemon masters!

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