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Writing Prompt #3 Write an alternate ending


Write an alternate ending to your favorite book or movie. Okay, so right now I have to be very careful to not make it sound like a Fanfiction… That is going to very hard. Obviously my favorite books are Harry Potter and the epilogue isn’t that satisfying. Or I could write from just a new person’s point of view.

Process (1)

Mom and dad are walking next to me, both have their hands on the side of my cart while helping me guide it through the crowd of King’s Cross. With both my hands, I have a tight hold on the cart with my letter in between them. My hands are cramping from the force I am using and sweeting from the pressure I am putting on them to keep a hold on the letter.

My parents and I are very grateful for the description on how to get to the train, otherwise we never would have figured it out. Who would think of running into a wall to get somewhere? Well, if you think more about it, it does seem logical for a community which keeps themselves separate from non-magical people.

I stop before the place we need to be and unfold my letter, just to be sure. I don’t want to walk into the wrong wall. “We have check it a thousand times, love, we are at the right place. Let’s run.” My dad, standing on my left side, places his right hand on my shoulder and my mom her left hand on my other shoulder. I take a deep breath and start running with them.

As we run through the wall I feel a weird sensation all over my body, I had my eyes shut, until the sensation has left my body. And there we were standing, like we were in a whole new world. There was a big old looking train standing at the platform, there were families filling the whole platform.

My parents and I move to the place where we hand off my bag. I grab the cage of my cat, Simba, so he will be on the trip with me. Suddenly I remember why we are there, I will say goodbye to my parents to move into a world I know nothing about, the next time I will see them will be with Christmas. They got an owl so they could send me letters, because that is how things go at Hogwarts apparently.

The wonder and excitement I am feeling when I entered the platform make room for fear and sadness. I have never been separate from my parents before and I know no one, I already feel so alone. I keep in my tear, I can’t show them to my parents, they will worry when I show them, more than they already do.

We walk towards one of the door which leads into the train. I turn around to my parents and look at them. They are holding themselves together, just like me, and I will pretend that I will not see it. But before I enter the train and fly into their arms and at the same time come the tears.

“I’m scared.” The words leave my lips before I know it.

“We know, sweetheart. We know.” Mom releases me from the embrace and takes my tear stained face in her hands. Tears are running down her checks as well, there is a hiccup in her voice as she speaks, “But I know you will love it there, you will be alright. You are a sweet girl and even though it has always been hard for you, you will make friends like you always have. I believe in that.” Those are the words I need to hear.

I give my parents a last embrace and I entered the train as the whistle is blown. The train is leaving. I am standing at the window with the Simba’s cage. Waving with all my energy at my parents as the train is leaving the platform. When they are out of side, I start looking for a place to spend the trip.

I find a compartment when only one girl is sitting, she is staring out of the window. I make a noise to announce that I am there. She looks up from her thoughts and there are tears in her eyes as well.

“Is there an extra place for me here?” I asked with a creak in my voice, tears are threatening to spoil again. She only nods.

As I sit down I just as the question that was on my mind, “Are you scared as well?” I look down at my hands.

“Yes.” And this how a friendship starts which defies houses.

So what is your opinion on what I wrote? 

4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #3 Write an alternate ending

    1. Thank you! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against fanfiction I still write it myself. But with these prompts I try to challenge myself and to me write fanfiction feels like an easy way out.

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