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Hello Readers!

So today will be the first day that I will be starting with posting ‘writing advice’ and just writing related posts, once a week is the planning so far. We will see how that will go.

So today we are going to start at the very beginning and that is getting ideas you will build a novel around. So the tips that I will proved in here worked for me, so that doesn’t directly mean that they will work for you. It is a bit of experimenting when it comes to getting ideas.


I think this is how all of people start to get their first idea, while reading a book. While reading this book they will read something that they enjoy and really like, or something they really don’t like. And that is the moment their brain starts to work, think out the idea. That is how to their first concept of a book is born. So when you would like to get some idea on a book, so should probably read something in the genre you would like to write in or just wait for the idea to come to you when you are reading a book. Most of the authors start out as readers and get ideas while reading a book since they are missing the book they really would like to read themselves.


This is how I got my first ever idea for a novel, I slept. Probably the easiest one of this list because we do it daily (hopefully). Dreams can be very weird and be all over the place, but sometimes they will have something in them which you will remember the moment you wake up or even for the rest of the day. This might be something you are really excited to read about or it might be a scene you would like to use in your future novel. I am still trying to figure out where I can put the dream I had which is still vividly placed in my mind, where I can put it in one of my future novels.


We live life every day and every day is different. We go through different situations, we learn stuff from those situations about others or about yourself. And sometimes some things happen which make a lasting impression on you, good or bad. You can use the experience for a novel, you will most likely not be the only person who has been going through that and some people would love to read about that and find recognition in your life experience. I, for example, have experienced what a depression feels like and I am still trying to find a book which represents my experience. So I will most likely write a novel one day with a character who has a depression, because I am still looking for the book who represents me.

Doing mindless tasks

When you are doing mindless tasks, like cleaning, doing the laundry, walking or doing homework, you can let your mind wonder. I am a big day dreamer and I get distracted very easily, so it isn’t that hard to let my mind wonder into fiction created by my brain. This is a great way to get ideas or to think out a plot or character. You don’t always have to be actively writing to be working on your novel, thinking about it and thinking it through while you are doing these things is very helpful, that way once you go to sit down and actually write, you will see that the writing goes way better and faster and you have to spend less time thinking things through while you are actively writing.

Writing Prompts/Short Stories

Get this, writing makes you get ideas for novels. I know mind blowing. But in all seriousness, this is also a way to get a general idea for what you would like to write. You can use writing prompts or making yourself write short stories to develop yourself as an author (by focusing on setting in one prompt and description in another) or to find out what your favorite genre is to write in, and who knows while doing these you might write something you would actually like to continue to write. And even if this doesn’t happen, you still helped yourself as an author improve on your writing by doing writing prompts and/or short stories.

So these were my tips. If you have any other tips or if you have something to add, you can leave them in the comments, so once someone reads this they can still find the extra information in the comments.

Do you agree with the tips I gave and will you be trying one or two of them?

3 thoughts on “Getting Ideas | Writing Advice

  1. I definitely get a lot of ideas when I’m doing something that doesn’t take much thought such as chores. When I’m in the shower, I tend to get the most inspiration though!! Which is annoying because it’s not like I can take my computer in the shower to type it out xD

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