Discussion – Why I don’t like Snape

Hello Readers!

A few days ago I asked on Twitter what you guys would like to see on Thursdays, Tags or Discussions. And discussions was the winner and today I am going to do a topic I have been wanting to do for a while and which might be a bit controversial. I am going to talk about a character from Harry Potter, Severus Snape and why I don’t like him. This post will contain spoilers from the Harry Potter series and I will not spare Snape, so be warned! (This might turn into a rant, sorry not sorry XD) So let’s start, shall we?

So here are the reasons why I don’t like Severus Snape

  • He is a big child who needs to grow up. Snape holds a big grudge against James Potter, Harry’s father. But Harry hasn’t done any for the things James has done and still Snape sort punishes Harry for the things James did. He assumes that Harry is just like his father and ‘hates’ him from the very start.
  • He is a bully. He bullies every kid in his class who isn’t in Slytherin, he deems them unworthy to be a good student and even good students, like Hermione, he is annoyed by. Because Hermione answers his questions correctly after being ignored by him, he takes points from her and calls her a, I believe don’t quote me on this, Little Miss Know-It-All, in front of the whole class. With that, he knows how it feels to be bullied, for he has been bullied as a kid by the Marauders when he was a student at Hogwarts, but still he decided to bully as well and that while he is a teacher!
  • He is a horrible teacher. This one basically goes hand in hand with the previous point, because he bullies his students and he shows an obvious preference for the Slytherins, he is a bad teacher. Let’s not forget Neville, Snape is literally his biggest fear and he is constantly bullied by Snape, who talks down upon him while he already has a low self-esteem. With that he ignores bullying in the class if it is done by a Slytherin student, which should never ever be the case if you are a teacher. Teachers should punish bullying sternly instead of ignoring it or doing it themselves.
  • He is a horrible person. He is willing to ruin the lives of Remus and Sirius on old grudges. He makes sure that Remus can never work again since basically the whole magical world finds out about the fact that he is a werewolf, and life is already hard on Remus. He is willing to give Sirius to the dememotors, so they could give him the kiss. I actually think he sort of knows that Sirius would never betray James and that he would actually be innocent. With that he was a death eater himself at one point in his life, you don’t just become a death eater, so he must have done horrible things as well in him life.

So that is basically my dislike for Snape in a nutshell. Do I think he is a hero? Sort of. Do I think he has been misunderstood the whole series? No. Do I think Harry should have named a kid after him? Absolutely not!

So do you agree with me? Yes or no, I would love to hear your opinion and arguments to your opinion. And if you would like me to reread the series to use examples from the books to support what I said, let me know.

14 thoughts on “Discussion – Why I don’t like Snape

  1. This is a great post. I don’t like Snape as a person, but I do think he is a GREAT and well written character. I kind of love that he is a shitty person, but ends up doing something kind of heroic. I 100% agree with all of your points, but I can’t help loving his arc and all of his contradictions.

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    1. Thank you! And I agree with you he is a well written character, but I just don’t get why everyone seems to forgot everything he has done after he died a heroic death. But yes he is a very well written and developed character 😄

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      1. Totally. I think what he did was amazing and heroic, but it definitely does not negate all of the terrible things he did. I also agree that Harry did not have to name his kid after him. Like really? The guy made you miserable for most of your life….

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  2. i will literally fight anyone who wants to defend snivillus snape/thinks he’s better than james potter. they were both shitheads as kids but one grew up and became a man, father and warrior and the other became a petty ass bitch (i’m a little tipsy so that’s why i’m cursing a lot lol sorry)

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    1. Haha I love the unfiltered comment! Yes I totally agree with you, he needs to grow up! James was a little shit when he was young, but he became a good adult and father.


  3. I totally agree with you! Severus Snape was not a good man, and saying he “has a lot of gray areas” is just plain stupid. No, he doesn’t have gray areas. Being friendzoned doesn’t automatically give him the right to become an important person. He’s a big old bully and I’ll forever be disappointed that JKR chose to show him in good light in the end.

    Awesome post! 🙂

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  4. I really feel this post. I love reading unlikable characters, truly I do because they are often the most in depth/fascinating/well written. But liking to read them and liking them is something totally different. Being denied by someone, no matter what the circumstances, do not give you the right to act as he so often did (and definitely not to take it out on their kid…). A woman is allowed to choose who she wants to be with (and vice versa, of course). Great post!

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  5. Ah. I went from being okay with Snape to hating him, and now to being ambivalent. I understand holding grudges, especially when you don’t have that many friends. Granted, I think JK Rowling did not flesh out his character well enough for us to fully like him. I agree with you on his dislike for Remus and Sirius, but I also think that what James and his gang of friends did was cruel and haunting. Rowling did not give their actions the weight they should have received. Bullying is never okay and it doesn’t matter if our heroes’ parents did these things. There should have been a clearer discussion around how the Marauders messed up.

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    1. Yes I agree with you! Bullying is aweful and it should never be glossed over the way JK Rowling did. But that doesn’t Snape the right to bully as well as a teacher. I do feel sympathy when it comes to his past but he could have done something with that experience. When I first read the series I liked Snape and now I am in the disliking phase.


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