DNFing books or series

Hello Readers!

So this post actually goes hand in hand with my post from yesterday, which was T5W Series I Won’t Finish. Before I got in the Book community I was always very set on finishing series I started and completing books I have bought. But since then I started a blog and I was introduced to so many more books I really want to get to.

I bought more books, but I also fought more books I want to read which I don’t own yet. At the beginning of this year I had decided for myself to not care that much about finishing every book I read, because there are so many which I can enjoy instead of the once I am not enjoying. Not every book is going to be for me and that is fine.

But here is something I am still trying to find a way in, which is DNFing books you received from review. If this is through the author or Netgalley or Edelweiss. I do have to say that it is easier to DNF a book from Netgalley or Edelweiss, since I don’t have to show the author directly that I DNF’ed their book.

So overall it is just a feeling when I want to DNF a book. And most of the time, I try to push through, I only decide to stop if I am only frustrated while reading or I am not getting what is going on.

So what is your opinion on DNFing books? As far as I know, everyone has difficultly DNFing a book and everyone has an opinion on it. So I would love to hear yours!

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4 thoughts on “DNFing books or series

  1. I just DNF a book last night. No regrets. That time invested in that book that you don’t enjoy so much could have been going to another one that would have been ten times better.


  2. I usually DNF after about 10-20% of the book. Sometimes it’s grammar, sometimes it’s plot, sometimes it’s difficult characters. I’m really honest about why though, especially if it’s just not my kind of book and I just can’t get into it. I make sure that’s clear if I review it or someone asks. I haven’t had to tell an author the I DNF’d though. Not looking forward to that.


  3. I have a hard time DNF’ing books unless they’re really bad. If they’re just “meh” or boring I have a hard time justifying DNF’ing it. I used to be way better at DNFs but lately I just have a hard time with it for some weird reason.


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