Is Blogging A Job?

Hello Readers!

So today I will be talking about if blogging a job is to me. We all spend a lot of time online since that is what you do when you have a blog or Instagram, you build up your presence online. So ideally I would like to dedicate an hour a day per social platform, so an hour on twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other blogs. Next to that I also would like to write a blog post for every day of the week, upload a video twice a week on YouTube.

So but our lives aren’t just social media presence, we are also students or employees or both, some are in a relationship and might have kids. So sometimes it is really hard in my opinion to combine everything together.

Right now I am a student and I work like 24 hours a week, with that I also would like to treat my ‘brand’ Debbie’s Library, as a job as well. I will use Debbie’s Library to promote myself as an author and for that you do need to grow an audience and in order to do that I do feel that you need to treat your site and your brand as a job.

With this all comes time management around the corner, which I am very bad at, haha. I have always been pretty bad at time management. When I am eventually doing stuff I can continue doing stuff, but the effort to get started is a lot. But with that I have to combine everything together and most of the time when I get back from work, I have 0 motivation to do anything.

So how do you view blogging? Is it just a hobby or do you is some way view it as a job? Am I to extreme in the amount of hours I want to spend into my ‘brand’ (most likely)?

7 thoughts on “Is Blogging A Job?

  1. It’s a hobby for me. Much as I would love to put it as a brand etc, I feel it would be just too much and it would spiral out of control. I think I’ll just keep it simple and do it for my enjoyment 🙂


  2. I have been thinking about this as well. I work part-time right now (there are very few full time jobs for librarians anymore) and I do put a lot of effort into this but it’s not really for financial gain and I do enjoy it, so I am not sure…

    I have no problem getting online to blog or read blogs or go on social media or read books, but I put off my daily run or strength training…ugh…still have to do the strength training today!


  3. I think it’s great that you have a plan of how you’re going to use your time and that you already have a clear brand to build. I am still very new to blogging, twitter and instagram so am experimenting with what works. I still see blogging as a hobby, but is has been incredibly rewarding and has even fed back into my real job!


  4. I see my blog as more of a hobby now, though when I first created it I treated it more as a job. What made me change was that I noticed I was neglecting other things going on in my life because I was so fixated on my blog. But I imagine for an author it would be slightly different than someone like me who is just really into reading 😛


  5. Ever since I started focusing on my education again, I haven’t had time to blog, but blogging for me is like a hobby than a job. When I think of a job, I think of money, and right now, I don’t make anything from blogging.


  6. I spend an awful lot of time online, mainly as I didn’t had much else to do – and that somehow make me feel like i’m productive at something ! You know, I don’t just sit there chilling all day, so rewarding !

    However, when you take something you love into a job.. more often than not it end up not being liked anymore, as you get “obligated” to do it. I’m definately strict on myself if I don’t however xD but not totally as a job I guess ? Just a hobby on hard mode, lets say ahah


  7. Hmm, do I feel like blogging is a chore sometimes? Yes. But I wouldn’t treat it as a job. Since working full-time I definitely neglect it, and so while it is a hobby I just about manage to get round to having 1 post a week!
    If my blog was more popular/I became more active I think I would then have to make that transition to make a blog a job.
    But it was nice to hear your thoughts on it!


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