Going With The Hype or Not?

Hello Readers!

Here I have a new discussion for you. And that is something I find it difficult to form a opinion about. And that is if you should go with the hype around a book or not.

I have done this before, I went with the hype for a book and then I either ended up liking it or being disappointed with it. Whenever there is hype around a book, people sometimes tend to say that it is the best book they read and talk about how amazing it is. So if I were to buy that book I my expectations would be sky high, if there would be romance involved I hope that I would love it, I assume that it would be a very original story which will stay on your mind for a very long time. And that only happened once to me, that was The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

But most of the times when I give into the hype I tend to wait forever to even read the book, because I am afraid that I wouldn’t like it or there are other books I am more interested in. I then bought the book because other people really loved it, while I wasn’t planning on reading it in the first place.

This year I planned to do it differently. If I am going to give into every hype, I will end up broke and I already have a very large physical TBR which I really want to take care and I am really interested in all those books. Even though I have made the decision to not give into the hype, I sometimes wonder if I am missing out on a book which might become a favorite.

So I am still very torn on this topic and I would love to hear your opinion about it. Do you give into the hype or not, and why? And has that worked out for you so far?

11 thoughts on “Going With The Hype or Not?

  1. I feel as though I would give into the hype with a lot of books because they seem great but for some reason I just never get to them. There are so many super popular books that I have just never had time or prioritized to pick up.


  2. I try not to get into the hype of a book, but sometimes it’s SO hard to avoid because everyone could be talking about this one book and then I feel left out or I just want to know WHY everybody is talking about it. Usually I end up being at least a little bit disappointed.


  3. Honestly for me I go by my own interest or what luck brings into my life. I’m a really varied reader. Sometimes I really want to read a popular book and sometimes I really want to read a not so popular book. I just go with the flow and don’t think about it too much.


  4. I give into the hype. If I like it, great! if I don’t, even better. I like seeing different opinions on books and I like reading different reviews. Other readers may see things differently from me and that’s awesome! we wouldn’t want to be pod people now would we? 😉


  5. Whenever there is too much hype around a book I’m always a little worried to get into it, I’d only because I feel like hype rarely lives up for me. Sometimes what I do is wait for the hype to die down a bit. Once more negative or neutral reviews start coming out I usually decide if it’s worth the read.


  6. I used to be hyped for the new and popular books. I would look at those shiny new releases and I just had to get them. Now, I mostly go for backlist books and self-published/indie releases. There’s so many good stuff I can read, some of which deserve more love, and others more established as “good or great” within the book community.


  7. I get caught up in the hype for a new book sometimes, but I try to slow down and ask myself: is this the kind of book you’d read anyway, or are you just following a trend? It helps me save a *little* money but in the end I think I hype myself up over new books than anyone else ever has 😂


  8. I agree with how the hype would definitely vary depending on the person, but I believe that following a hype can be fun because of no matter whether or not you liked it or not, the hype allows you to discuss it and to me, it does genuinely feel kind of good to not be too late getting on the book train (negative and positive both welcome). So that is my opinion on this, but great post!



  9. Oh gosh, the dreaded hype. I try not to get sucked in too much as I usually end up the same as you: with really high expectations and a feeling of disappointment after I’ve read the book. So I definitely don’t buy too many hyped books these days!

    If one of the books I’m interested in is a really hyped book, then I try not to read anything else about it, so I have no knowledge of why it should be good before reading? It can be hard to avoid, but I do find if I read a hyped book I actually know nothing about, I enjoy it more than one I’ve been itching for.

    But gosh, I know if I had all the money in the world I would still buy ALL the books, just in case 😛


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