ARC Guilt

Hello Readers!

It is Thursday today and that means that I have another topic to discuss and as always I would love to hear your opinion on this topic.

Today’s topic is ARC guilt or NetGalley guilt, however you would like to call it. Basically the guilt you feel when you are not reading a ebook/ARC you have been given through NetGalley/Edelweiss/Publisher to review. I am struggling with this a lot, I want to read all the ebooks I have gotten through NetGalley, but at the same time I really want to read all the other books I own, because that is stressing me out as well.

As of right now I have 11 books which I need to read for NetGalley and 3 books for Edelweiss. I don’t have any physical ARCs (unless you count the Furyborn one which I got through a Fairyloot box). So it isn’t that bad, but it is still freaking me out. I sort of forbid myself to look at the new books I can request because I probably won’t get them since I am not at 80% rating on NetGalley.

I have trouble with fitting these ‘required’ reads into my schedule since I have physical books I really would love to read and physical books are more attractive to me and sometimes I actually forget about the ebooks I need to read.

I think it would be good for me to set a goal for myself, like read 3 ebooks a month. I might start doing that. Do any of you have a goal like this to keep yourself accountable for reading these ebooks.

So I just needed to get this guilt of my chest XD. Are you also feeling the guilt some times? How do you deal with this guilt, I would love some tips?


6 thoughts on “ARC Guilt

  1. I deal with this too well! Even with non-ARCs that I get sent for review from an author. I’m currently reading one I got sent back in 2017 because my list got so long so I’m finally able to get to it hahaha I’m never doing this to myself again! Setting a goal for yourself is definitely a great thing to do when you have so many ARCs to read. Best of luck with your ARC pile 😀


  2. Yes! I feel guilty about not reading E-ARCs from netgalley.I don’t like to read ebooks too much and I have 5 from netgalley unread.I also get tempted by physical books that I own and haven’t read yet. It’s a never ending cycle.


  3. The guilt is always going to follow us around, I’ve learnt to live with it, ut sometimes it’s just so much! I went crazy on Edelweiss, now I have 6 books on there to review and 5 on Ntegalley, lol. Then I have some other books I got sent by authors it’s just wow, and I joined blog tours, so so so much books.


  4. I love Ebooks now! much more handy to read in bed.. But I so get you xD im at 63% ratio, meaning I go on requesting sprees thinking id probly wont get them and.. surprise!!

    Another thing.. I can hardly say no when an author approach me for a review.. specially when the book DO look good. Even if I have alot on my plate already ..
    That being said; My count is 3 waiting for NetGalley, and 3 for review requests (I started one already)

    I do have a deadline page in my BuJo That tells me expiration & release dates x) so I can see more clearly where I am at. If I manage to have a “empty” area, then I’ll pick up one of my book I own already in physical !


  5. Lol I was just going to post about a similar topic, actually 😀 it’s so true. I actually just scheduled a post about how ARC reading is a lot like summer reading lists for school. I hope that maybe our ARC bingo could help you 🙂 you should try joining State of the ARC! It can be a great motivator to read your ARCs 🙂 also, make a list in a bujo of some sort. Also helps 😀


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