Creating Characters

Hello Readers!

Today we are going to talk about creating characters. Your characters are who people will either connect to or not. I personally can be very put off with a character. I do like an unlikable main character, those are usually the once I tent to love. But when a character isn’t created well or feels flat, I get very annoyed.

So that is something I have been working on for a while, my characters. I think everyone can benefit from thinking out their characters before writing, by pantsing or plotting. Your characters are the once who will move the plot forward, so it is a good idea to have some things about them work out beforehand.

You don’t have to write a ten page report on you character, but I do recommend you just think about your character and make notes as you go along. What is their background? What motivates them? What is their biggest fear? How do they react to the situation they will be thrown in your novel? Or how do they react to stress in general? Just think about those kind of questions. That way you get the basics of your character down before you start writing and that way you can anticipate on the development they will go through in the novel and how they will affect the plot.

Having thought out your characters before, might prevent them being flat or having no real motivation for doing the things they do. So that way you won’t get a villain who is evil just for the sake of being evil.

When you start writing and you are pantsing it, I would recommend to make notes as you write your novel and you develop your characters. So when you have taken notes you can consult them when you are talking about a character trait you have talked about before. As for the plotters, those kind of stuff would probably be in your outlining of the character and otherwise I would recommend taking notes as well.

Personally I do think it would be easy to take notes as you write the book, since you might add stuff to your character which wasn’t in your outlining before or it is something you hadn’t thought about before. So that way you can update your outlining after your writing session. So it can stay constant throughout your first draft, so you wouldn’t have to go through the tedious process of fixing it later.

Do you agree with me? What do you think is important to know about your characters before you start writing your novel?

2 thoughts on “Creating Characters

  1. Characters are SOOOOOO important to enjoying the story, and I usually find that even if the plot isn’t great, I might still hang around if I love the characters, especially the slightly prickly unlikable ones who grow into incredible, exciting characters.

    And when I’m creating characters (I’m a plotter), I usually brainstorm for a while beforehand, asking myself “what would make this character absolutely miserable?” And then? I do it. It doesn’t always make it into the draft, but I think it’s good to know the things your characters are afraid of/hate doing/won’t do, because then you can find sources of conflict to keep the story moving.


  2. I absolutely think it’s important to know your characters before you start writing your novel, at least to a certain extent. I think it’s even more important than knowing where your plot is going to go before you start a novel (which I actually don’t do,) especially if you’re writing character-driven fiction, like I do. I’ve never kept notes on a character while I wrote to maintain consistency, but I think it’s definitely a good idea. 🙂


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