Prioritizing Reads

Hello Readers!

Today’s discussion is going to be about prioritizing your reads, and how hard I find it to prioritize some reads, like eARCs.

This mostly happens when I get home from the bookstore and I have bought some new books or the moment a pre-order/new release is in my hands. At those moments what I really want to do is drop everything and read that book. Because there is a reason why I bought it right when it came out or why I pre-ordered it.

But the thing which hold me back from actually picking it up is because I have so many books I could read instead which are catching dust on my shelves or there are eARCs I need to get to.

Whenever I try making a TBR, I always pick books which have been on my shelf for a while and not the new releases I am expecting.

Right now, I am participating in a Readathon and IT is on my TBR, but when I was in the bookstore because I was picking My Plain Jane (The second Lady Janies book) up I also bought Exile (The sequel to The Extinction Trails). And I really, REALLY want to read them. But at the same time I ‘couldn’t’ because I had to read a book for a book club meeting the next Monday.

Probably when I have finished IT, I will move on to My Plain Jane and Exile, because I am so excited to read them.

I think from now on, I will follow my feeling and excitement and read a book when I really want to and not feel guilt for prioritizing it over all the other books I want to read.

Do you have trouble with prioritizing reads or is it just me?


2 thoughts on “Prioritizing Reads

  1. I have the worst time figuring out what to read. Books I’ve been hyped for are usually at the top of the list until a new-new release comes out and then I have books to read and annotate and send back to their homes and everything is a mess.


  2. i have sooo much trouble prioritizing reads! I really need to work on reading the physical TBR books I have. My pile was finally getting lower and then I got a bunch of used books as a gift, so it’s very tall again. I have a couple buddy reads I’m doing, but after that I’m going to try to shift my priorities solely to my physical books and my eARCs.


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